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Constant Companion Releases AI-Powered Voice System

Proprietary HIPAA-Compliant System Keeps Older Adults Engaged, Connected and Protected 24/7 with Just Their Voice

Constant Companion, a fast-growing technology company which integrates its patented, voice-operated, AI-powered platform into popular smart speakers, is introducing Companion 4.0. The company’s purpose-built solutions for older adults and their caregivers facilitate better communication and monitoring of this growing at-risk population, keeping people engaged, connected, and protected.

The highlight of this just-released technology is a Smart Router which offers users a plug and play solution for reliable, predictable connections no matter where they live. Simply plug it in, and within 60 seconds, it locates the cellular tower with the strongest connection from over 200 networks. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and other regional networks are instantly available. Plus, in bad weather or following a network outage, it automatically finds the next best connection. The Smart Router also has a battery backup that lasts up to 12 hours. No other router can do this!

Companion 4.0 integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to provide a virtual voice assistant, patented voice activated “Call for Help” which connects a user, in any home emergency, to highly trained, U.S.-based, urgent response agents who will assess your situation and get you the help you need. The system includes equipment for whole-home coverage, built-in high-speed internet connectivity, 24/7 professional monitoring, service, training, and support. It arrives set up and ready to go, so it is easy for the user to simply plug it in.

As part of the monthly subscription service, older adults can use the smart devices for audio and video calls, to access information or entertainment or communicate with family and caregivers – all without knowing how to use a computer or smart phone. Feedback indicates that they feel more connected and engaged when they can request a song, check the weather forecast, set a reminder, or virtually visit with their children and grandchildren.  

For caregivers in ALFs, nursing homes or homecare agencies, Companion 4.0’s 24/7 communications and monitoring provide added support in the face of the healthcare worker shortage and COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Almost everyone has someone they love who may need a bit of help. Our mission at Constant Companion is to make people’s lives better. To do that, we use empathy, data and voice technology to create engaging experiences that are purpose built to keep our clients more engaged, connected and protected, 24/7,” said Mark Gray, the company’s CEO and founder. “I was inspired to create Constant Companion after experiencing first-hand the challenges of caring for my own family. We’re definitely making excellent progress improving care and quality of life.”

During the company’s early days, it was selected as a national finalist in AARP’s Caregiver Accelerator Competition for best new technology for seniors, and chosen for participation in the Google Accelerator Program. Fast forward to today, the company’s integrated voice and video systems are now being used by home care agencies, ALFs and nursing homes in more than 490 counties in the U.S.

Gray is a veteran cyber security and technology entrepreneur, inventor, CEO and dealmaker (32 transactions totaling over $340 million) who has spent the past 25 years working in IT security, nanotechnology, microchip development for new and mature companies including for U.S. and British government top secret projects. Constant Companion was nominated for the Voice of Healthcare award in 2019 and Founder Gray was a keynote speaker for the Voice of Healthcare Summit by Project Voice in 2020. Gray has also presented at the Florida Council on Aging, the 71st AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo and the Longevity, Health & Innovation (LHI) new partnering conference.

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