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Technisys Acquires Kona To Elevate Experience With Conversational AI

The acquisition extends the Technisys digital banking platform to redefine customer engagement and deliver self-driving capabilities

Technisys — the company behind the next-gen core and digital banking platform known as Cyberbank — announces its acquisition of Kona, a conversational AI-powered innovator in the banking industry. The acquisition accelerates Technisys’s plan to expand the capabilities of its next-gen digital and core banking platform and further redefines the customer experience.

“This acquisition continues to solidify Technisys as a core and digital banking platform leader. With Kona’s conversational AI capabilities, Technisys will continue to empower financial institutions to deliver differentiation via tailored product offerings that address the unique needs of each and every customer, dynamically, in whatever channel the customer chooses,” says Mike Santos, Technisys CEO and co-founder.

“We are excited to join Technisys in the mission to create exceptional customer experiences – supported by a proven digital and core banking platform – that will be offered to the broader banking industry,” says Diego Cibils. “Together, we will continue to drive innovation and differentiation to the banking industry across North America and beyond.”

As the banking world continues to experience fierce competition, it is imperative for banks to find new ways to capture and retain customer engagement. With the integration of conversational AI from Kona, on the Technisys platform, customers can more easily engage with financial institutions — ultimately helping banks to create a positive and memorable experience. By establishing a formidable and robust digital suite, Technisys empowers financial institutions’ customers with a hyper-personalized, proactive and data-driven experience designed to increase engagement, retention and loyalty.

Financial institutions that can embed finance to meet specific customer needs, at point-of-sale, are aligned to be the clear market winners. Technisys’ continued innovations directly enable banks to do this, evolving the traditional transaction-based model to a modern, embedded finance model that becomes seamlessly intertwined with a customer’s lifestyle with ease and flexibility.

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