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PageUp & Pocket Recruiter Partner For AI Candidate Matching Software

PageUp, a leading provider of cloud-based talent management software today announced a global partnership with Pocket Recruiter, an AI-powered recruitment solution that surfaces the right candidates for the right opportunities, faster.

The partnership will now allow PageUp customers to use Pocket Recruiter’s AI-powered recruitment solution for matching candidates to roles. With Pocket Recruiter, Talent Acquisition teams are served ‘ideal fit’ candidates to connect with first – without having to lift a finger.

PageUp and Pocket Recruiter: Better Together

By combining Pocket Recruiter’s AI skills and behavioural matching with PageUp’s best of breed Recruitment Marketing solution, top of the funnel recruitment processes are automated and enhanced, allowing talent acquisition teams to achieve better outcomes and recruit smarter, not harder.

With first class recruitment marketing functionality combined with AI matching automation to remove manual tasks, talent acquisition teams can focus their time on what matters most: building connections and nurturing talent.

Joint customers will now be able to:

  • Surface the best candidates, faster with superior AI candidate matching technology.
  • Shorten the screening and recruitment process to hire the best talent before the competition does.
  • Deliver personalized and engaging candidate experiences.
  • Increase conversion to apply and reduce time to hire.

Bel Martijena, CEO and Founder, Pocket Recruiter states, “PageUp and Pocket Recruiter together show the direction of travel for talent acquisition and recruiting. Repetitive tasks will be done by machines, whilst humans can focus on value-creating and differentiating ones.”

Mark Rice, CEO, PageUp, says, “We are pleased to partner with Pocket Recruiter to enable our customers to innovate and accelerate their recruitment. The integration will give our customers the competitive advantage to make stronger, faster hires by leveraging their industry-leading AI technology to match great people to great careers.”

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