Credo AI introduced AI Registry

For organizations to adopt AI responsibly, the AI governance space needs a lower barrier to entry

Credo AI, a global leader in Responsible AI governance software, today announced the general availability of AI Registry, a new offering that provides a starting point for organizations looking to adopt AI governance.

AI Registry provides organizations with the ability to catalog all of their AI systems, so they can get critical visibility into where and how they are using AI. This visibility is an important prerequisite to being able to ensure that AI is developed and used responsibly, and as more regulations, including the forthcoming EU AI Act, require companies to document and report on their use of AI, maintaining such an AI Registry is becoming essential to ensuring compliance.

In 2023, the world awakened to the need for AI governance largely through the novel pitfalls and concerns presented by generative AI. Yet, this rapidly developing ecosystem means that the scope of AI governance is broadening, which is making it difficult for businesses to find a centralized source of ownership.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of companies eager to adopt AI risk management and governance,” says Susannah Shattuck, Credo AI’s Head of Product. “The first step of governance is getting visibility into what needs to be governed, which is where Credo AI’s AI Registry comes in. We’re excited to make this offering available to the broader market and support more organizations in their AI governance journey. ”

Credo AI’s AI Registry also provides built-in policy intelligence that automatically surfaces information about potential risks of AI systems based on where and how they are being used. Customers can use AI Registry to identify high risk AI use cases that need governance and to prioritize AI initiatives based on risk-to-revenue potential.

With Credo AI’s AI Registry, organizations are empowered to:

  • Maintain oversight of AI usage across the organization, and prioritize governance use cases across these activities. AI technologies are increasing in power and depth, which comes with new technical unknowns. Centralizing AI governance is the only way to keep pace with which risks need active mitigation, which risks need only awareness, and which AI risks don’t apply.
  • Identify the most immediate risks with Credo AI Risk Recommendations, and take action. AI risk management can be a daunting task, but with Risk Recommendations the AI Registry provides immediate, actionable guidance so organizations can feel confident about adopting AI effectively, safely, and responsibly.
  • Prioritize high revenue AI projects and scale back high-risk AI time sinks. While organizations are excited about embedding AI in every aspect of business, it’s no secret that AI projects can cost more time or complexity than they’re worth. With AI Registry, the AI governance team can help guide AI strategy and maximize the ROI of AI in an organization.

With AI Registry, organizations have a tool that future-proofs them for the emerging AI landscape. AI Registry is an easy-to-use system of record for AI projects, providing a starting point for organizations that want to adopt AI governance at scale.

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