Rackspace Technology partners with Aible

FAIR powered by Aible leverages the power of generative AI to provide deep insights through a proprietary conversational interface

Rackspace Technology® (NASDAQ: RXT) — a leading end-to-end, multicloud solutions company, announced a partnership with Aible to enable enterprise-scale data analysis and data storytelling while providing deep insights through a proprietary conversational interface. Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR™) is dedicated to accelerating the secure, responsible, and sustainable adoption of AI and data solutions in enterprises across all industries, and through this partnership will be powered by Aible.

“Our partnership with FAIR is an opportunity to collaborate across multiple channels, scaling up the power of AI-first data analysis,” Arijit Sengupta, Founder & CEO of Aible. “Combining our proprietary augmented data analysis and storytelling capabilities with an intuitive conversational interface for enterprise data, Aible offers a unique solution to FAIR. With FAIR’s enterprise-grade security and our secure AI platform capabilities, we will combine the best of both AI technologies for a sustainable and secure AI solution ready for enterprise use.”

Aible is the only enterprise AI solution that guarantees impact in 30 days. The AI-first analytics solution answers business questions by automating all steps of the analysis process – from data discovery, data preparation, asking millions of queries automatically, statistical analysis, and synthesis of insights into a business summary. Aible scalably uses an automated process to evaluate the output of the generative AI to detect and prevent hallucinations where the AI simply makes up facts. Aible conducts use-case and generative AI model-specific prompt augmentation at scale that enables business users to have far better experiences with generative AI on their data. Every user interaction improves the model output.

“At FAIR, we aim to combine the transformative power of AI with our exceptional skills and services to create AI solutions that deliver meaningful business outcomes for our customers,” said Srini Koushik, Rackspace CTO and Global Lead for FAIR. “Collaborating with Aible will help us enable more enterprise use cases by integrating Structured data into Generative AI solutions and streamline the LLMOps implementations that ensure the integrity of the Supply Chain of AI data within an organization. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to Open Innovation to deliver differentiated customer outcomes through partnerships with industry leaders.”

FAIR powered by Aible will be featured at two upcoming industry conferences:

August 7-9 – Ai4, Las Vegas (Aible Booth #306)

August 29-31 – Google Cloud Next, San Francisco (Rackspace Technology/FAIR Booth # 217)

Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR)

FAIR is a groundbreaking global practice dedicated to advancing business transformation, improving customer experience, increasing the quality of service, and accelerating value creation through the secure and pragmatic use of AI technologies. FAIR has identified over 500+ use cases across multiple industries and is working on several first-of-a-kind implementations for our customers across the globe. FAIR provides three unique services to help lean into the transformative power of AI:

●     FAIR Ideate: An interactive and collaborative ideation workshop that helps organizations uncover actionable use cases for AI with defined business impacts. AI readiness diagnostics provide critical considerations for successful AI adoption.

●     FAIR Incubate: An agile and iterative program that co-creates an enterprise’s first generative AI solution. It establishes the technology stack and assesses the viability of AI, ensuring seamless integration into organizational processes.

●     FAIR Industrialize: A systematic effort to transform the AI solution into a product, implementing governance, defining metrics, and optimizing the AI model and Distributed Cloud Infrastructure for continuous improvement.

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