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Cybersecurity ‘Trust and Transparency Awards’ Winners Announced

Winners Recognized for Advancing Education and Visibility in the Cybersecurity Industry

SecurityScorecard, the global leader in cybersecurity ratings, announced today its inaugural ‘Trust and Transparency Awards’. The awards, which will run on an annual cycle, are given to individuals or organizations exemplifying the essential values of trust and transparency by improving visibility, education, and overall transparency in the cybersecurity industry.

Nominees were evaluated based on criteria that promote overall trust and transparency in the cybersecurity industry, whether by protecting personal and business data, driving transparency across cyber policies and incidents, or educating and elevating cyber initiatives. The winners, chosen by an independent group of cybersecurity luminaries, of the inaugural awards are:

  • Rob Joyce – Special US Liaison Officer and Senior Advisor to the Director for Cybersecurity Strategy, NSA, for his public presentations beginning with his 2016 USENIX presentation on Disrupting Nation State Hackers
    • “I am thankful for the recognition. Trust and transparency in security are indeed important. NSA has made a determined effort to talk more about what we do and why we do it, even if specific aspects of how we conduct our missions still need to be protected. We understand transparency is a key element in earning trust.”
  • Devon Bryan – Managing Director, Chief Information Security Officer at MUFG Union Bank for his founding of the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP) a non-profit dedicated to increasing diversity in the field of cybersecurity by funding scholarship opportunities.
    • “I’m honored to receive this award from SecurityScorecard and humbled by the recognition of such an esteemed panel of judges. Trust and transparency rank extremely high among the key skills and competencies cyber practitioners must employ as they foster key relationships with the businesses we support, partners we rely upon, and organizations we serve. Throughout my career, I have strived to build and maintain trust with colleagues at all stages of their careers and encourage the same from those I have mentored. I’ve learned from some of the best and work hard to pass those lessons along.”
  • Anne Neuberger – Director, Cybersecurity Directorate, NSA, for her push to make the NSA more transparent
    • “Thanks for this award. We are grateful for the acknowledgment of our efforts at NSA to build trust and be more transparent. We particularly recognize the importance of building trust with the security community, as network defenders will only take action if they trust the source of the guidance.”
  • Olav Lysne – Director at Simula Metropolitan Center for Digital Engineering for his book: “The Huawei and Snowden Questions: Can Electronic Equipment from Untrusted Vendors be Verified?”
    • “Trust is central to a functional society. This is true for everything from interpersonal relationships to trusting the vendors that create the products we use. If we cannot trust motives and behaviors in those relationships it is impossible to create mutually beneficial solutions. Transparency is integral to building and maintaining trust, including in how businesses operate, what information they collect, and how it is used. I am honored to be recognized by the judges for my work in this area.”
  • MITRE Corporation – The MITRE Corporation was selected for its ATT&CK Framework, a comprehensive matrix of tactics and techniques used by threat hunters, red teamers, and defenders to better classify attacks and assess an organization’s risk. The award is accepted by Adam Pennington, MITRE’s ATT&CK Lead
    • “ATT&CK’s wide adoption throughout the field helps security teams shift from an ad hoc approach to cybersecurity to using a threat-informed defense approach. We view ATT&CK as a collaborative effort with the security community to improve cyber defenses, and we feel that it’s important to be as transparent as possible with our process and ongoing work to deserve and retain their trust. We’ve made a point of ‘showing our work’ in almost every aspect of ATT&CK, including more than 2,600 references and citations currently in the knowledge base, and publicly documenting every change we make. We thank all organizations that are committed to transparency that builds trust across the security community.”

“Building a reputation of trustworthiness is critical to SecurityScorecard’s mission of making the world a safer place,” said Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CEO and co-founder of SecurityScorecard. “We are privileged to honor those in the cybersecurity industry who have demonstrated the value of education, transparency, and the shared responsibility of protecting organizations from persistent threats.”

This year’s judges included Dr. Daniel Geer, a senior fellow at In-Q-Tel; Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber LLC; Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Executive Director of the Global Privacy & Security by Design Centre; Jim Routh, Head of Enterprise Cyber Security for MassMutual; and Edna Conway, Vice President of Global Security, Risk & Compliance for Microsoft’s Azure Platform. Independent advisor Mike Pittenger, a celebrated cybersecurity expert, also provided critical feedback, program oversight and insights into the development of the inaugural awards.

The winners were selected from a number of candidates recommended by the judges themselves. From there, the judges reviewed and collaborated over who were the most deserving. The final decision came by way of popular vote. The same nomination and judging process will be followed every year hereafter.

In return for the judge’s participation, SecurityScorecard made a donation in their honor to a STEM charity of their choice. Each of the five winners above will have the option to serve as  judges for the awards in 2021 and will then be afforded a donation to the STEM charity of their choice. The charities chosen by the judges for 2020 are The United Way, Girls Who Code, International Consortium Of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals, and Khan Academy.

SecurityScorecard is completely transparent about its scoring methodology and appeal processes. SecurityScorecard recognizes that for organizations to rely on its data, they must know how the company arrives at its scores. You can find more information here:

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