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CYE Takes ‘Back-to-Basics’ De-clutter Approach to Cyber Security

 CYE, a global provider of cyber-security solutions, enables organizations to proactively prevent threats, execute cost-effective remediation and maintain resilience, with a back-to-basics approach to cyber-security.

With a dramatic increase in the number of security vendors around the world, companies have been allocating significant budgets – in some cases driven by hype or to maintain pace with competition – to introduce new, advanced tools into their respective cyber environments. This has led to a complex cyberspace and poor cyber-security posture, highlighted by the necessity to maintain dozens of solutions and niche products with loose integrations and loopholes, creating a wide attack surface.

CYE encourages CISOs to adopt a back-to-basics approach and to evaluate the effectiveness of their cybersecurity solutions and operations, based on the fundamental cyber-security needs of their specific organization.

The back-to-basics approach is focused on returning an organization to its security-foundations, ensuring that it is solid, decluttered of multiple, redundant solutions provided by a wide variety of vendors. Additionally, it ensures that organizations can accurately identify where the organization is most vulnerable in order to block the attack path before the attacker has a chance to take it.

The approach is defined by five pillars, as identified and defined by CYE: network security, application securitydata protectionendpoint protection, and identity and access management.

“Especially today with Covid-19 shuffling the cards, the organization is presented with opportunities to identify their real cyber-security needs. CYE’s experts enabled us to challenge basic assumptions and boost our security effectiveness,” said a Senior Manager at a large European reseller.

“Most cyber-attacks could have been prevented by handling the cyber-security basics,” said Rubi Aharonashvili, CEO of CYE. “By combining technologies, people, and processes, our approach helps CISOs stop thinking about what certain product features can do, and think instead about how to best create capabilities that get them better results from more cost-effective cyber investments.”

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