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Data Science-backed NEORIS Announces New Smart ECommerce Solutions

Global digital accelerator now helps companies accelerate the transition to direct-to-consumer by offering a comprehensive suite of services and plug-and-play solutions.

In response to growing industry and client demands to accelerate their digital programs to meet direct-to-consumer demands, NEORIS, a digital accelerator, today announced the restructuring of its ECommerce business unit to focus on delivering nearshore technology development services together with a suite of tools to help businesses rapidly achieve their goals.

Clients are now provided access to an experienced and integrated team that leverages years of experience in key areas such as ECommerce development, UX-design, order-to-cash transformation, customer relationship management, and supply-chain optimization to achieve end-to-end modernization of their business. The team also incorporates advanced data analytics and machine learning competencies to help businesses anticipate and predict customer demands while hyper-personalizing the experience. To help companies deliver fast results, the company also delivers the NEORIS Intelligent KnowledgeTabs platform comprised of a suite of tools and custom solutions that customers can rapidly implement to create powerful and dynamic insights such as customer segment 360, multi-touch attribution, demand sensing, person 360, and others.

“Today’s best run companies focus directly on the consumer and continuously transform themselves to anticipate demands while hyper-personalizing the buy experience,” says Anthony DeLima, President of NEORIS USA and global leader for Smart Ecommerce solutions. “This means an end-to-end transformation of mobile and web platforms that inspire and recognize customer value, anticipating demands using machine learning and other innovation, optimizing supply-chain and delivering exceptional customer service. By integrating our onshore and near-shore technology development capabilities, we help companies rapidly deliver envisioned technology projects while using our easily customizable solutions to deliver intelligent insights about their customers and business.

NEORIS’ new solution enables companies to deliver a frictionless ECommerce experience, a digital architecture that interconnects modern digital platforms, with advanced CRM and traditional Supply-Chain ERP systems and smart insights that drive real-time decision making based on factual data. The company leverages advanced machine learning, powerful data ingestion tools and data science capabilities to deliver insights to anticipate and rapidly react to customer and internal operational requirements in marketing, sales, supply-chain, customer management and other business functions.

“Ultimately it’s about enabling companies to interact with consumers and employees in ways never envisioned. It’s about helping companies to build communities of loyal customers, having a deep understanding of their wants and needs and ensuring flawless execution across all aspects of the business,” said DeLima.

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