DLR Launches Ground-breaking Robot Control Software

Deep Learning Robotics (DLR) is proud to unveil a game-changing breakthrough in the field of robotics with the launch of its new robot control software. This innovative software -introduced for the first time at DLR’s CES booth in Las Vegas last week- allows users to teach robots tasks in the most natural and intuitive way possible – by simply demonstrating the task.

DLR’s advanced machine learning algorithms enable robots to learn by observing and mimicking human actions, eliminating the need for complex instructions. The user-friendly interface and adaptability to a wide range of robots and applications, from industrial manufacturing to home automation, makes it accessible for anyone to teach robots new tasks.

“We are excited to introduce this cutting-edge technology to the world,” said Aviv Vana, Marketing Director of DLR. “Our goal is to make it easy for anyone to unlock the full potential of robots, regardless of technical expertise. This revolutionary software will greatly expand the use and application of robots in various industries.”

Get ready to experience the future of robotics with DLR’s new robot control software, now available for purchase and compatible with a range of robotic platforms. Visit for more information and to learn how you can revolutionize your industry with DLR.

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