Elligo Health Research & Avallano to launch myTrialsConnect

Elligo Health Research®, the largest healthcare-enabling research organization, today announced a partnership with Avallano, a data privacy and healthcare technology company, to launch myTrialsConnectSM, a scalable research community powered by artificial intelligence (AI), that was built to serve patients, providers, sites, and the biopharma industry.

“myTrialsConnectSM addresses one of the major issues of clinical research today — finding qualified patients and engaging them before, during, and after the study,” said Elligo CEO John Potthoff, Ph.D. “By utilizing the abundance of healthcare data with AI, this clinical trials ecosystem will bring value to all patients, providers, and researchers not only during studies, but also beyond participation in clinical trials.”

Patients can join through a variety of means including social media, as part of a clinical trial or as a patient in a healthcare provider’s network. As a member, they receive a copy of their full medical record, educational materials that are oriented to their particular interest and conditions, and customized messages. Messages will alert patients when they are eligible for a particular clinical trial based on an automated review of their medical records and chatbot-based surveys, which gather additional information (such as social determinants of health) that are not typically found in the medical record.

For providers, myTrialsConnectSM will offer information and services directly to healthcare providers by giving them a 360-degree view of their patients’ entire medical journey and by providing an open and direct communication channel that can be customized to serve the interests of each provider’s unique patient population.

For the biopharmaceutical industry, myTrialsConnectSM creates a virtual waiting room of patients who have been qualified via medical records and additional protocol-specific data not found in electronic health records (EHRs), and who have seen a description of the study and expressed their interest in participating. This removes two of the biggest delays in getting patients into trials — the time to fully qualify them and the need to find patients that want to participate.

“From gathering precise real-world data to safely leveraging AI’s predictive powers, we are working together to streamline trial processes,” said Avallano CEO and Chief Technology Officer Paul Della Maggiora. “This patient-first ecosystem has the power to redefine outcomes in clinical research, giving deeper insights to all users, drastically reduce recruitment time, and inspire patient trust and retention through engagement.

For more information about Avallano’s AI-enabled clinical research, visit: For more information about Elligo’s focus on the increasing access in clinical trials, visit:

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