Insiteflow reveals findings from a new survey

Report offers in-depth look at clinicians’ views of the challenges using EHRs and third-party solutions

Patient care is compromised when clinicians are not able to easily find and apply patient-specific insights from third-party solutions while working in their EHRs, according to a new report released today from Insiteflow, the leading platform for EHR Decision Workflow.

The report, How EHR Workflows Impact Clinician Experience, Patient Care, and Profitability, reveals how not utilizing insights seriously impacts patient care. Of the clinicians surveyed for the report, 94% said not having easy-to-use insights negatively affects patient care, including in the following harmful ways:

  • 53% of clinicians surveyed report patients will start treatment too late
  • 52% report patients will spend additional time in the hospital
  • 47% report patients will receive the wrong treatment plan

The survey of 250 clinicians, which was conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of Insiteflow, documents the problems they have using third-party solutions while working in EHRs.

Clinicians find third-party solutions useful; in fact, 74% reported changing an initial diagnosis or altering a treatment plan for a patient based on insights from solutions external to their EHRs. The problem is difficulty in finding and applying the insights quickly and easily. Eighty-two percent of those surveyed reported that it’s not easy to harness these external opportunities for improvement while working in their EHR. The caregivers had to use disparate methods to access their multiple external sources of insights, including leaving their EHR and signing into a separate site.

“Insights from external solutions are hugely beneficial to clinicians in improving patient care, but only if they can be quickly and easily actionable in their EHR workflow,” said Anthony Gerardi, CEO of Insiteflow, the leading platform for EHR Decision Workflow. “Unfortunately, their current experiences for finding and applying external insights to improve patient care are challenging and adding to their fatigue and burnout.”

In fact, 98% of the clinicians surveyed reported missing opportunities to provide better patient care, save patient lives, and receive timely reimbursement because patient-specific insights were not easier to use. Ninety-four percent reported that learning how to access and use patient-specific insights from different external solutions contributes to their feelings of fatigue and burnout.

In addition to having six to 20 or more external solutions, clinicians reported not taking advantage of the insights for the following reasons: accessing them is too time-consuming (43%), not intuitive (39%), too difficult (27%), or they simply forget (31%). The most common workflows require logging into external websites, scrolling drop-down menus in EHRs and getting alerts or alarms within the EHRs. The result is typically a less-than-ideal experience for overworked clinicians.

“These survey findings reinforce why we started Insiteflow,” Gerardi said. “Making external insights accessible, actionable and automated for clinicians in their EHRs through our EHR Decision Workflow platform will empower clinicians to transform clinical outcomes and financial results.”  

Gerardi will join Doug Shaw, senior vice president of the American Hospital Association, and Rich Moyer, chief product officer at Milliman MedInsight, for a free webinar on Oct. 26 at 1 p.m. ET to discuss the report findings. Among the topics to be discussed include:

  • How EHR workflows are impacting patient care and reimbursement
  • How an alarming number of opportunities to improve patient care are missed
  • The barriers to using patient-specific insights from external solutions
  • The top negative patient outcomes of current EHR workflows for using external solutions

Visit the Insiteflow website to access the full report and learn how Insiteflow enhances the clinician experience through EHR Decision Workflow to improve patient care, reimbursement, and the return on investment (ROI) from third-party solutions and EHRs.

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