Enghouse Video announced partnership with SONIFI Health

Enghouse Video, a global leader in cutting-edge video technology solutions, today announced its partnership with SONIFI Health, enhancing virtual care in hospital settings.

SONIFI Health is a leading U.S. healthcare technology company based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The new partnership leverages and integrates Enghouse Video room systems technology to support SONIFI Health’s commitment to expanding telehealth applications and system optimizations in hospital settings.

Enghouse’s VidyoRooms solution, a sophisticated video conferencing technology that combines both software and hardware solutions, has been fully integrated into SONIFI Health’s interactive TV systems. This integration provides up to 4K high-quality video conferencing, multi-party sessions and robust security features that ensure full compliance with healthcare regulations.

Enghouse Video offers an immersive telehealth platform to support collaborative interdisciplinary care, improved patient outcomes and cost savings. The platform is flexible and simple, delivering the reliability, interoperability, and scalability needed for today’s healthcare environment. A key strength of the partnership is its offering of back-end integrations like patient portals, medical devices, EMR, tele-sitting, remote patient observation and consultation.

“Hospitals can choose the telehealth partner that’s right for them, and we incorporate that solution with interactive TV,” said Brian Nido, SONIFI Health’s Vice President of Customer Success. “Using the hardware and systems they already have in patient rooms helps hospitals reduce costs and maximize the value of their existing investments, while benefiting both clinicians and patients.”

SONIFI Health and Enghouse Video continue to collaborate closely to further refine and enhance the telehealth solutions provided to healthcare facilities. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to leveraging technology to create smarter hospital rooms and improve patient care across the healthcare spectrum.

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