Vapor IO and VAST Data announce alliance to unlock Enterprise AI

Edge to core to cloud architecture accelerates the deployment of modern AI pipelines, providing a uniquely flexible architecture for delivering business results at scale

Vapor IO, the creators of Zero Gap™ AI, is collaborating with VAST Data, the AI data platform company, to help enterprises simplify, accelerate, and optimize their AI deployments. Combining Vapor IO’s Zero Gap AI with the VAST Data Platform offers an edge-to-core AI fabric capable of simultaneously catering to a wide range of business priorities. This AI fabric gives enterprises the flexibility they need to tailor the system for their specific use cases, optimizing for critical factors such as cost, latency, accuracy, and resiliency.

The combined solution will be sold as part of Vapor IO’s Zero Gap AI. By providing a fully-integrated data layer, Zero Gap AI aims to accelerate the adoption of AI by enterprises, particularly those with large volumes of multimodal data. The combined solution provides the optimum architecture for enterprise AI, combining data capture, training, and inferencing at the edge. The platform also has the flexibility to perform AI at the edge in collaboration with AI performed in the centralized cloud, on-premises or in colocation data centers.

“In today’s fast-paced world, the ability to unlock proprietary data for real-time insights has become a cornerstone of enterprise competition,” said Cole Crawford, Founder & CEO of Vapor IO, emphasizing the transformative impact of their collaboration. “With VAST Data, we’re supercharging our Zero Gap AI platform, simplifying the deployment of AI pipelines and integrating the capabilities for these pipelines to asynchronously train, tune, inference, and retrain. This enhancement drives unprecedented value for our customers, making AI operations more dynamic and efficient than ever before.”

This collaboration pairs Vapor IO’s nationwide Zero Gap AI platform with VAST Data’s advanced storage and data management capabilities for AI, allowing enterprises the flexibility to deploy AI across the entire continuum from edge to core to cloud. Customers can now easily train models in a centralized data center or the cloud while seamlessly deploying real-time inferencing of that model at the edge, using any new data that is collected to improve the larger model continuously.

The combined offering gives enterprise customers the ability to bring AI to the data and data to the AI, depending on what is optimal in any particular circumstance. This includes taking advantage of data on the customer premises, from remote locations, in centralized clouds, and in hyperlocal AI access points. The combination of a dedicated private backbone, secure global data sharing, and NVIDIA-powered GPUs will make it feasible for businesses of all sizes to leverage the full potential of AI without the complexities and costs previously associated with such endeavors.

“Vapor IO and VAST Data share a unified vision to deliver AI-as-a-Service capabilities that aren’t tied to specific deployment models or physical locations, making it easier to turn data into actionable intelligence,” said John Mao, vice president, Technical Alliances at VAST Data. “The proliferation of data requires an agile system that can span on-premises, near-premises, cloud and multi-cloud environments. The combination of these two products makes an ideal solution for enterprises looking to rapidly and cost-effectively scale their use of AI.”

Supermicro remains at the heart of this offering, providing the hardware foundation necessary for both NVIDIA and VAST as a part of the Zero Gap AI services. This synergy between leading tech companies underscores a shared commitment to delivering state-of-the-art infrastructure capable of meeting the demands of next-generation AI applications.

As the combined technology rolls out across the U.S., the companies also have plans for further expansion into global markets. The potential scope and impact of this collaboration marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a more connected and intelligent world.


This announcement builds upon recent news by both companies:

  • Vapor IO’s 2/15/23 Zero Gap AI launch: Vapor IO and Supermicro Launch Zero Gap™ AI, Powered by the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, in North America
  • VAST Data’s 3/12/24 announcement with Supermicro: VAST Data and Supermicro Partner to Simplify and Accelerate AI Pipelines

Additionally, the following blog posts are also available:

  • Read the Vapor IO blog post for more details.
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