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EPAM announced the launch of OSPulse™

Organizations can easily quantify the value of open source and identify areas to fully tap into their open source potential with EPAM’s OSPulse™ Enterprise-Level Analytics Open Source Dashboard

EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM), a leading digital transformation services and product engineering company, today announced the launch of OSPulse™, an enterprise-level analytics dashboard for monitoring open source engagement within an organization. The dashboard offers an intuitive interface with seamless implementation and customizable reporting to easily track a company’s open source contributions and impact.

“EPAM’s OSPulse actively evaluates open source engagement throughout the business,” said Christopher Howard, Head of the Open Source Program Office at EPAM. “The dashboard provides a holistic view of individual and companywide open source contributions across platforms, solutions and projects to help organizations see the impact of their contributions and make data-driven decisions about strategy, resourcing and employee engagement.”

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OSPulse provides valuable, easy-to-understand insights for a range of stakeholders, including senior executives, HR, engineers and project managers. The tool collects real-time data about contributors, contribution frequency, repositories, licenses, programming languages, retention and more.

Through an enterprise-level overview of open source engagement, OSPulse can help organizations with the following:

  • Identify trends and focus areas. Through an intuitive user experience, data can be filtered and sorted to reveal various activities, projects and skills.
  • Create customizable reports. Exceptional data visualization makes it easy to understand an organization’s evolving open source footprint and impact.
  • Make informed decisions. OSPulse provides data-driven insights to evaluate strengths and weaknesses, identify repositories of interest, detect anomalies or shifts within a project and mitigate risks.
  • Recognize, reward and support contributors. By quantifying and visualizing an employee’s engagements, successes and interest areas, organizations can identify rising stars and areas for upskilling.
  • Shortlist candidates and prepare for talent acquisition. OSPulse data can help pinpoint needed skills and narrow the search for candidates with relevant experience.

The cloud-based dashboard can provide insights at any scale for organizations of all sizes from startups to global enterprises. Through EPAM’s engineering expertise, it is possible to seamlessly integrate with HR and industry analytics platforms without the need for manual reporting.

“As a major contributor to open source, we know that open source results in better software and stronger communities,” Howard said. “OSPulse is built with EPAM’s engineering DNA and our proven ability to funnel hard-to-define activities into meaningful metrics. This tool provides actionable insights needed to quickly quantify open source contributions, make smart hiring decisions and identify employees’ skills.”

With more than 140,000 commits in the public domain, EPAM is dedicated to furthering open source engagement that inspires technological innovation. In 2019, EPAM built the Open Source Contributor Index (OSCI) to measure and recognize commercial organizations worldwide that contribute to the open source community.

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