Flippa Launches Industry’s First AI Recommendation Engine for M&A

New AI tool provides a higher level of precision for online business M&A by matching buyers algorithmically with suitable businesses 

Flippa, the #1 global marketplace for online business M&A, is launching new capabilities on its platform to provide an AI-powered recommendation engine for matching buyers and sellers. The new Flippa recommender engine helps online business owners, their advisors and brokers to quickly and efficiently find prospective acquirers among the 1.5M registered buyers on the Flippa marketplace, delivering a more seamless process for business owners to exit. The tool effectively answers the question – who would buy my business?

Online business ownership and digital entrepreneurship is continuing to see strong growth and given valuation pressure at the top of town, there is a rising appetite for M&A in main street and lower-middle market deal sizes. With more competition, buyers and sellers are looking for a competitive edge to find the right deal opportunities and navigate the search process more efficiently. Flippa’s new AI recommender tool provides a higher level of precision for online business M&A by matching buyers algorithmically with suitable listings based on the buyer’s latent (hidden) intent of their actions and behavior within the Flippa marketplace. 

“Expectations are rising in today’s fast-paced online business M&A market, and buyers and sellers want to find the right deal partners fast,” said Blake Hutchison, CEO of Flippa. “When business owners decide to exit, they want to efficiently find qualified buyers who are likely to buy their business. Prospective buyers, especially institutional investors and family offices, want access to high-potential deal flow on tap. Flippa’s new AI-powered recommender tool uses machine learning to get even more specific about surfacing potential M&A targets, with high accuracy and at scale.” 

Within the Flippa marketplace, buyers can click “Invite to Deal” to be notified of a relevant deal, matched algorithmically by the Flippa platform. So far, Flippa’s AI-powered recommendation engine is available on deals valued between $250,000 and $25MM. In the first two weeks of launch, over 6,000 buyers have been invited and just over $30MM in Letter of Intent (LOI) value has been issued. 

“Our new Flippa recommender tool has gone through a significant amount of training to help the model understand the intricate connections and interdependencies within our platform,” said Tony Xu, Head of Product at Flippa. “The power of machine learning is enabling our new recommendation engine to surface recommendations to our users with unprecedented accuracy, opening up a speedier, smoother M&A process for online business buyers and sellers.”

The new Flippa recommendation engine is available now to buyers on the Flippa platform. For more details, read the official product announcement here.

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