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Global CISO Survey: The Growing Impact of AppSec on Business

New global CISO research reveals increasing opportunities and pressures for security leaders along with the need for consolidation and developer adoption

Checkmarx, the global leader in application security solutions, today released its “Global CISO Survey: The Growing Impact of AppSec on Business” report, based on survey results from 200 CISOs and other senior security executives worldwide in March of this year. The survey uncovered a trend in which application security is becoming increasingly important in closing new business, with CISOs called upon to demonstrate the security of their business’ digital products and services and to differentiate and grow their businesses, resulting in more opportunities to shape organizational processes.

Among the key findings of the study are these:

  • 84% of CISOs say that they are called into sales engagements related to closing sales of their company’s products and services, highlighting the connection between AppSec and business growth
  • 96% of CISOs say their prospects consider the level of application security of their organizations when making purchase decisions
  • 77% of CISOs estimate that they’re running at least half of their companies’ businesses on applications for which internal teams must ensure security

“As today’s enterprise makes great strides with digital transformation initiatives and as the applications undergirding the digital business have grown ever more complex, CISOs have a critical need for the consolidation of security alerts, reports and dashboards for better risk management and prioritizing their developers’ remediation tasks,” said Checkmarx CEO Sandeep Johri. “The CISOs we work with are increasingly called to demonstrate the security of their businesses’ products and services in sales engagements, and in board discussions they’re presented with more opportunities to shape organizational processes. These trends and their needs are driving the ongoing innovation and increasing openness and consolidation of the cloud-native Checkmarx One Application Security Platform.”

The study shows that the banking and financial services industry encounters this request more often than other industries. For example, 50% of CISOs in the banking and financial industry said AppSec is strongly considered in purchasing decisions, compared to 24% in the industrial and manufacturing industry. However, across all industries, especially industrial and manufacturing, the number of prospects wanting to know the level of application security prior to purchase is growing.  

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