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GlobalPlatform Launches Initiative For Future of Automotive Security

Forms Partnerships With Key Industry Organizations and Creates the Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum To Enable Cross-Industry Collaboration on Automotive Security Standardization

GlobalPlatform, a leading digital standards organization, has launched a broad-reaching initiative to drive engagement across security experts in the full automotive value chain and adjacent digital services. As a leader in delivering specifications and certifications for secure digital services — over 70 billion GlobalPlatform secure components deployed worldwide —GlobalPlatform is now addressing emerging automotive regulations such as new vehicle type approvals and the shift towards vehicles as a service. GlobalPlatform’s automotive initiative will optimize and accelerate the deployment of secure components, trusted digital architecture, security APIs, and security lifecycle management within the automotive sector. This initiative is being led by a dedicated Automotive Task Force to foster the alignment of GlobalPlatform technologies with automotive use cases. GlobalPlatform has also partnered with automotive standards organizations and formed the Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum to unite the automotive ecosystem in optimizing cybersecurity for vehicles.

“Recent automotive cybersecurity regulations and emerging trends like the move towards autonomous driving and flexible mobility solutions are requiring car manufacturers to become more agile and adaptable in the deployment of secure vehicle services. GlobalPlatform’s secure component technologies support the automotive sector’s compliance with these new regulations and requirements,” said Ana Tavares Lattibeaudiere, Executive Director, GlobalPlatform.

In addition to launching the Automotive Task Force, GlobalPlatform established a cooperative agreement with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) to work on the harmonization of hardware-based secure execution environments in automotive. GlobalPlatform has also partnered with AUTOSAR to coordinate the alignment of secure component standards and specifications for automotive. Furthermore, GlobalPlatform has joined the Auto-ISAC community and has an active memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Car Connectivity Consortium. These alliances will ensure coordination and alignment on common requirements with key automotive and cybersecurity organizations.

“GlobalPlatform is committed to working with the full automotive value chain to address current automotive security requirements while also focusing on developing interoperable, secure components to meet emerging vehicle standards,” said Gil Bernabeu, Chief Technology Officer, GlobalPlatform.

Another key aspect of GlobalPlatform’s automotive initiative is the launch of the Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum, which will strengthen engagement and cooperation between GlobalPlatform members and the wider automotive ecosystem. The Forum plays an invaluable role in identifying and prioritizing automotive industry requirements to deliver secure component services that span the lifecycle of a vehicle. With global events planned throughout the year, the Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum gives car manufacturers, component companies, automotive regulators, and others a platform to explore the current and future automotive use cases for trusted services and hardware-based secure services.

GlobalPlatform welcomes existing and new member contributions in developing the next generation of automotive security standards and invites the automotive ecosystem to participate in the Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum.

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