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GoSecure Launches MDR Essentials for Effective Endpoint Security

GoSecure, a leading provider of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services, today announced the launch of Managed Detection and Response Essentials.

GoSecure MDR Essentials combines Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) with malware and ransomware protection into a single offering. Designed to help organizations transition away from traditional, signature-based antivirus, GoSecure MDR Essentials is the perfect way for organizations to immediately increase their security maturity without increasing their security budget.

“Every day, we hear from organizations how dissatisfied they are with their traditional antivirus but aren’t ready to make the transition to a fully managed solution.” Said GoSecure Chief Executive Officer Neal Creighton, “MDR Essentials goes well beyond any form of antivirus, traditional or next-generation. We’re giving customers access to our unique, behavior-based endpoint detection and response behind a single, aggregated, portal, in an easy to consume and manage package.”

Recent studies claim that 68% of organizations have been victims of endpoint attacks. Device mobility growth continues at unprecedented rates due, in part, to the global pandemic. As more devices leave the confines of the security “wall,” visibility and early detection are even more critical. With a staggering 51% of organizations stating their traditional antivirus is ineffective at detecting advanced attacks, a new approach is required. GoSecure MDR Essentials combines the visibility and detection of next-generation antivirus with the behavioral capabilities of GoSecure EDR, delivering unprecedented endpoint protection.

GoSecure MDR Essentials provides a compelling set of features for organizations of all sizes.

  • Endpoint Detection and Response– Leverages our proprietary behavior-based approach, backed by our machine learning engine, to continuously monitor and observe all aspects of endpoint activity to mitigate attacks before they happen.
  • Virus and malware protection– Delivers endpoint anti-malware technology to address known malware and ransomware. Also provides ransomware shield, exploit protection, and botnet protection.
  • Actionable Console – Provides both an Executive and Analyst dashboard to provide the right information to the right person quickly. Drill downs provide increasingly detailed levels of information, including relationship graphs that show the full context of the event in question, including all processes, network connections, registry entries, and files touched.
  • Automated Response and Alerting – Endpoint mitigation occurs automatically for malicious activity. Administrator alerts can be configured to alert on both malicious and suspicious activity.

“The GoSecure platform has always emphasized visibility, taking points from the adage you can’t stop what you can’t see,” continued Creighton. “With MDR Essentials, we are helping organizations evolve beyond traditional AV while, at the same time, dramatically increasing their endpoint visibility. Endpoints are targets – GoSecure MDR Essentials is the defense.”

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