Machine Learning Taps Agus Sudjianto to Make GenAI Trustworthy

Agus to lead AI safety, model risk management and alignment for regulated industries like banking, financial services, insurance and governments globally, the leading open source Generative AI and machine learning platform, today announced the appointment of Agus Sudjianto as Senior Vice President, Risk and Technology for Enterprise. Agus brings over two decades of experience in the financial services industry, where he has held leadership positions at Wells Fargo and Bank of America in risk management, analytics, and modeling.

Agus is renowned for pioneering the first of its kind PiML (Python Interpretable Machine Learning) as a set of methods and tools in Python aimed at making machine learning models interpretable and understandable to humans. He championed the adoption of PiML at Wells Fargo and subsequently released it under Apache 2.0 to democratize models for ensuring reliability, resilience, and fairness in high-risk applications across banks and financial institutions. Agus’ PiML is now widely adopted across many industries and has become the industry standard for developing interpretable machine learning models that provide transparency and improve trust.

“Agus is a global treasure and a leader in building trust and regulating models in banking, finance, insurance and regulated industries. Agus has been inspiring the community and customers with his genius and knack for interpreting deep concepts for any audience. Super excited to have Agus join my leadership team to bring the rigor of MRM to GenAI with innovative products and to make AI trustworthy for our customers and accelerate our mission to democratize AI in the service of life and the planet.” – Sri Ambati, CEO and Founder of

“I am thrilled to join, a company deeply committed to making AI safe, reliable, and accessible to all. I look forward to leveraging my experience in risk management and PiML to develop H2O Eval products, expand Responsible AI initiatives, and foster a community dedicated to building trust in Generative AI applications, particularly in banking and model risk management,” said Agus Sudjianto, Senior Vice President, Risk and Technology for Enterprise at

Agus holds a PhD in Engineering from Wayne State University and a Master’s degree from MIT. At, he will develop H2O Eval products to address AI safety, reliability and compliance, focusing on Generative AI applications in banking and model risk management. He will also expand the company’s Responsible AI initiatives.

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