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HackNotice releases new whitepaper series on threat awareness

The white paper series helps businesses realize the importance of a threat awareness program

HackNotice, the leading threat awareness platform, has launched a brand new series of white papers that explains the benefits of their threat awareness program. The series provides powerful insights into how cybersecurity for businesses and organizations can excel by offering employees better threat alerting and recovery.

Hacknotice’s threat awareness program helps employees understand their personal and professional threat landscape and their critical role in an organization’s cybersecurity strategy. The program gives employees a complete overview of their threats, using real time monitoring and alerting, and motivates them to take quick recovery actions to protect themselves and the company.

Additionally, the awareness program helps security teams monitor, track and navigate the company’s employee threat landscape, automating the tedious process of reaching out to individual employees and departments. The program encourages employees and motivates them to develop safer online habits.

“Most businesses’ cyber security strategy puts a heavy emphasis on security training and phish testing, and while they have their benefits, they do not engage employees or motivate them to take actions against cyber threats. Our powerful threat awareness program alerts employees as soon as their information is on the dark web, motivating them to take immediate recovery actions, which reduce significant risk to an organization. Our new whitepaper series dives into the origin of threat awareness, its evolution, and why it’s a powerful solution that businesses need to add to their cybersecurity strategy,” said Steve Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder of HackNotice.

This whitepaper series offers businesses insight into how a threat awareness program can reduce enterprise-wide cyber risks. To keep up with the ongoing whitepaper series, follow HackNotice’s resources page here. To learn more about HackNotice’s threat-awareness program, click here.

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