Threat Detection

Ontic Expands Threat Detection Solution for Situational Awareness

Addition of interactive maps and weather forecast data from AccuWeather create holistic situational awareness solution

Ontic, the protective intelligence software innovator transforming how companies actively identify, investigate, assess, watch and manage physical security threats, today announced the expansion of its Real-Time Threat Detection solution, giving corporate security teams the ability to establish situational awareness and identify potential threats to the business for a coordinated, proactive response. As part of its launch, the company will integrate location-specific weather data from AccuWeather and enhanced interactive maps alongside the platforms’ already existing data sources including OSINT, real-time news, social media and dark web, technology systems and human intelligence.

“Many solutions on the market today deliver signals from sources like OSINT, social media, and the dark web as well as weather forecasts and alerts that can result in an overflow of information limiting the context needed when physical threats may be imminent,” said Manish Mehta, chief product officer, Ontic. “Our Real-Time Threat Detection solution is the first to combine these signals, and complex critical information so security teams can detect threats early, establish situational awareness, track changing situations and proactively act on early risk indicators to mitigate business disruptions and keep their assets safe.”

Purpose-built for security professionals, Ontic’s Real-Time Threat Detection offering connects the entire threat management landscape and investigation process at Fortune 500 and emerging enterprises, providing a comprehensive picture of the types of threats an organization faces. Key features include:

  • High-impact weather alerts and categorization connected to workflows that can activate a coordinated response;
  • Interactive and layered visualization of critical signals from OSINT, social media, the dark web and news sources to cut through the noise and surface what’s important;
  • Continuous gathering of real-time and historical data and customizable alert configurations for active events and known risks to assess threat relevance related to important people and places.

“With climate change spurring increasing incidents of volatile weather out of season and year-round, it is more important than ever to accurately forecast and be aware of severe weather events to maintain safety and prevent potentially life-threatening situations,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist and Senior Account Executive Richard Schraeger. “Integrating with Ontic takes our localized, timely weather data and alerts to the next level when it comes to helping businesses keep people and facilities safe.”

Ontic’s Real-Time Threat Detection offering will be available for its clients during the first quarter of the year.

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