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How AI-based BI Helps in Making Data-driven Decisions

Business Intelligence (BI) makes it possible to combine data from multiple source, trends and facilitate a more strategically geared decision-making model.

Business Intelligence extracts pivotal facts from a large amount of unstructured data and converts them into actionable information which enables companies to make informed strategic decisions. It improves operations efficiency and business productivity as well. The actionable data provides crucial insights that will reveal the underlying currents of customer behavior, their likes-dislikes, online shopping behavior and experience. Contact centers handle thousands of customer interactions every day which holds virtually untapped vital insights that can be efficiently leveraged to provide fruitful value to businesses.

Business Intelligence tools help companies with rich data resources which helps them to achieve their business goals and targets by guiding timely strategic decisions. Interactions through voice calls, chat interactions, email – everything gets analyzed thoroughly by business intelligence gathering teams to straighten out the facts such as customer preferences, likes-dislikes of customers; technical difficulties faced by customers; customer reactions to promotions; and the online shopping customer experience on the website. All these analyses will lead to improving conversion rates and much more.

Advantages of Business Intelligence

  • Improves Business Productivity

Small or big – any businesses can channel their vital resources and workforces to foster business productivity as they don’t need to divert their resources to the Business Intelligence data gathering task. As all the BI gathering work is done by the Business Intelligence team, it results in cost-saving, time-saving and efficient reporting. Which supports improving business productivity. Business Intelligence gathering team extracts critical data from customer interactions and presents it in a manner – which is easy to understand, communicate and execute. Plus BI team provides crucial information to companies, to improve their ability to make quick decisions and to create a competitive advantage.

  • Good ROI

Business Intelligence ensures stronger ROI as companies will significantly reduce costs, enhance revenues, improve margins, and drive cost avoidance and much more. Also, it ensures improvements in business process efficiency, employee productivity, better strategic decision making and customer satisfaction, which will result in increasing ROI.

  • Informed Decision Making

Accurate and timely information will help companies to measure the performance of their processes. Business Intelligence will help companies to make an informed decision on strategic issues by providing vital information on the current and previous performance of the company as well as future trends, expected demands, customer behavior etc.

Impact of Business Intelligence on Decision Making

Every field requires access to reliable data whether it is financial accounting, storage costs or inventory management. Gradually businesses have started using Business Intelligence for processes such as data integration, data warehousing, data preparation, online analytical processing and data presentation.

All these tactics and techniques will eliminate the need for a manual gathering of data. As data comes in from different sources along with all the metrics which merge into a single system, it gets easy for companies to manipulate and use the data in the desired combination.


Business Intelligence extracts decisive and critical information from regular business processes from a large amount of unorganized data, which will help companies to transform raw data into actionable insights. It will help them to make data-driven strategic decisions and improves operations and business productivity. Business Intelligence will help businesses to gain greater competitive advantages. They won’t only save the cost but also do the smart allocation of the resources. At the same time, enterprises or bigger businesses can improve the crucial components of their business like data quality, employee satisfaction, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction. All these processes will hold boundless value and help business owners to come up with decisions in the most effective manner.

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