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Huawei and RCR Wireless Discuss Zero-Trust Cybersecurity Strategy


Huawei Technologies USA, in partnership with RCR Wireless, hosted a fireside chat with Andy Purdy, Chief Security Officer at Huawei Technologies USA, and Sean Kinney, Editor in Chief at RCR Wireless, discussing how organizations can go about understanding and implementing zero-trust strategies. As an expert on cybersecurity, Purdy shares insights into driving the global adoption of standardized processes for verifying the security of all telecom equipment. He also speaks to the overall effects of Huawei’s presence on the U.S. export controls list on the broader supply chain. While the list was intended to protect national security, it has extended beyond its scope and resulted in unintended consequences to the global supply chain.

The fireside chat can be viewed here and digs deeper into the importance of reestablishing global trust and cooperation to restore a normal supply chain. Zero-trust cybersecurity strategies can help foster an environment for innovation while protecting national security with intervention based on facts, verification, transparency and risk management. The zero-trust model, based on never-trusting and always-verifying, helps organizations minimize damage and reduce the possibility of hackers getting through their systems. Following SolarWinds and other cyberattacks, the cybersecurity community is recognizing the urgent need for transparency and accountability. Experts highlight the growing importance of incentives to encourage organizations to maintain safe cybersecurity practices and the need to hold organizations accountable when they don’t.

Are telecom operators using zero-trust principles as they build their networks? What can experts do to provide greater assurance, accountability and transparency across the industry? What more can Huawei do to drive the global adoption of standardized processes for verifying the security of all telecom equipment, not just Huawei’s? And how has being added to the U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security entity list impacted Huawei overall? Purdy and Kinney dive into these topics and more, sharing actionable insights into making cyberspace safer and more transparent through a zero-trust cybersecurity approach.

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