HYAS, RSM Partner to Preemptively Protect Clients Via Protective DNS

HYAS Advanced Threat Intelligence, Detection and Response Lets RSM Identify and Neutralize Adversary Infrastructures Before Attacks Can Strike

HYAS Infosec, leaders in utilizing advanced adversary infrastructure intelligence and detection to preemptively neutralize cyberattacks, today announced its partnership with RSM, a leader in the professional services industry, to deliver HYAS Protect, which leverages authoritative knowledge of attacker infrastructure to proactively protect enterprises from cyberattacks.

The partnership enables RSM to now offer a solution to its RSM Defense clients that preemptively identifies communication with malicious or compromised domains and thwart cyberattacks — before they can get started. Access to malicious domains is blocked at the network level, preventing both unintended connections and actions by adversaries, adding to RSM’s best-in-class cyber threat intelligence and managed detection and response services (MXDR).

“RSM excels at enabling clients to take decisive and proactive steps to reduce cybersecurity risks,” said HYAS CEO David Ratner. “Through this partnership, RSM’s clients gain new visibility and preemptive control over advanced adversary infrastructure, such as phishing, and their inevitable impacts such as ransomware attacks and other malware infestations.”

Phishing, malware, supply-chain attacks, and other nefarious actions all require communication with malicious domains. HYAS protective DNS provides RSM customers with unprecedented visibility and attribution of the origins of attacks and the infrastructure being used.

“HYAS Protect provides advanced, laser focused knowledge of adversarial infrastructures to detect and stop the emerging actions of threat actors – before they can get started,” said Todd Willoughby, RSM Defense Threat Operations Leader. “This visibility and response enables RSM Defense customers to close the door on threats before attacks are launched, sharply reducing business risk.”

HYAS Protect provides the best possible protection at the DNS layer against the malicious infrastructure used by malware, ransomware, phishing, and supply-chain attacks. Actions that can be taken include outright blocking and/or alerting so that further investigation can be taken. HYAS provides protective DNS for devices inside and outside customer networks. Its high-fidelity threat signal reduces alert fatigue and improves network intelligence. HYAS also blocks low-and-slow attacks, supply chain attacks, and other intrusions that can lurk in the network.

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