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Infoblox released results from a new study

  • Cost Reduction: Mature multi-cloud companies can cut cloud costs by 22%¹, showcasing the financial benefits of advanced cloud management practices.
  • Operational Efficiency: Infoblox networking and security products enable companies on their cloud-journey to operate effectively with a 19%² smaller workforce while bringing an average return on investment (ROI) of 334%³.
  • DNS used for Security: Leading organizations use the full security potential of DNS.

Infoblox Inc., a leader in cloud networking and security services, has revealed that companies with the most mature approach to hybrid, multi-cloud operations typically cut their enterprise cloud costs by 22% as stated in the newly released report from ESG, commissioned by Infoblox, ‘Hybrid, Multi-cloud Management Maturity – How Leaders Tame Complexity, Increase Efficiency, and Innovate at the Speed of Business.’ The report explores how mature businesses structure their network and security teams, as well as the tools they deploy, in order to tame complexity and increase efficiency in multi-cloud environments. These cost optimizations are achieved through the unification of network, security, and cloud operations, as well as the deployment of innovative network automation and DNS-based security solutions – a topic that showcases Infoblox’s core expertise and underscores the company’s strategic impact regarding customer cloud journeys.

An additional Economic Validation Report, published by Enterprise Strategy Group and commissioned by Infoblox, delves deeper into the experiences of Infoblox customers. Titled ‘Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Infoblox Networking and Security Management in a Multi-cloud Environment,’ this report reveals that users of Infoblox solutions achieve an average return on investment (ROI) of 334%.

This includes:

  • a 75% increase in operational efficiency4
  • the ability to operate effectively with a 19% smaller workforce
  • a reduction of 79% in operational costs5

Shedding a light on the pivotal role that advanced cloud management practices play in driving business success, the main research reveals the distinct drivers, all companies that are successful in the cloud, have in common. It aims to empower IT decision-makers with the knowledge required to make informed choices that align with their technical and business objectives, ultimately fostering innovation and a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace.

The research, which includes insights from 1,000 key decision-makers and influencers, outlines four key characteristics that successful hybrid multi-cloud enterprises share6:

  • Convergence of network, security, and cloud operations into a unified operations center. Almost 9 in ten (88%) have increased the frequency with which these teams meet, and 85% have taken steps to align their goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Employing cloud-neutral network and security tools. Almost all (97%) leverage cloud-neutral domain name system (DNS), dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP), and IP address management (IPAM) solutions.
  • Embracing DNS as a highly valuable cloud security solution. Nearly 80% use DNS extensively in security incident investigations, 77% use it to detect and block malware, and 75% use it as a data loss prevention (DLP) mechanism.
  • Enabling automation holistically in cloud operations. This spans both network and security workflows, including areas like resource provisioning, anomaly detection, asset discovery, and audit reporting.

“At Infoblox we understand that the convergence of networking, security, and cloud operations is not just a trend, but a strategic imperative,” said Scott Harrell, President and CEO, Infoblox. “Our 25-year history of DNS innovation underscores our commitment to this unified approach. Our platform empowers companies to accelerate application deployments and provide asset visibility across hybrid cloud environments while achieving significant cost reductions and simplification through automation.”

The report, which contains a wealth of information about how leading organizations are winning at hybrid and multi-cloud transformation, can be downloaded here.

The economic validation, which shows the advantages of using Infoblox networking and security products can be downloaded here.

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