Titan Cloud announced the acquisition of TRUEFILL

Titan Cloud adds robust Forecasting, Dispatching, Route Optimization, Pricing, and Back-Office Automation to core Fuel Asset Optimization Platform 

Titan Cloud, the leading Fuel Asset Optimization software platform, today announced its acquisition of TRUEFILL, a fuel supply management and logistics platform. Integrating TRUEFILL technology into the Titan Cloud platform will give fuel retailers, wholesalers, and carriers powerful tools to reduce fuel supply costs, increase fleet utilization, decrease runouts, lower freight costs, and minimize time required for efficient carrier management. The move further solidifies Titan Cloud as a global leader in the downstream fuel software market and will help integrate the fuel supply chain, from terminal to the consumer.

“This is the natural next step in Titan Cloud’s journey to provide fuel operators with the best technology to tackle issues like supply disruptions, price volatility, and inefficiencies throughout the fuel supply chain,” said David Freese, CEO and Chief Product Officer of Titan Cloud. “Together, we’ll ensure seamless collaboration and complete visibility from terminal to pump, ultimately delivering lower costs and a more positive experience for consumers at every stop.”

“This acquisition marks a real paradigm shift for the fuel industry,” said Brandon Huff, Co-founder and CEO of TRUEFILL. “By combining TRUEFILL’s expertise in fuel supply management with Titan Cloud’s leading Fuel Asset Optimization platform, we are delivering a powerful solution that will transform the way fuel is bought, sold, and delivered.”

In addition to the acquisition announcement, Titan Cloud is thrilled to welcome Brandon Huff to the team as the Senior Vice President, Global Fuel Logistics and President of Global Operations. With Brandon’s extensive experience and leadership in fuel supply management, his role will be pivotal in integrating TRUEFILL’s technology seamlessly into the Titan Cloud platform.

The expanded platform will provide more visibility to fuel retailers, wholesalers, and carriers looking to optimize their fuel supply chain logistics. Within Titan Cloud’s centralized dashboard, fuel operators will have access to reports to help track, forecast and negotiate fuel orders and contracts, manage dispatch logistics, and synchronize invoicing. The result is a smoother, quicker, more accurate system that cuts out unnecessary time, effort, and expense.

Titan Cloud’s end-to-end Fuel Asset Optimization Platform enables fuel operators to:

  • Increase revenue by both reducing and highlighting the root causes of inventory variance across the fuel supply chain.
  • Reduce maintenance and operating costs through proactive and real-time monitoring of equipment.
  • Manage complex contracts, manage allocations at all terminals, and perform spot buys considering total fuel cost to lower overall supply costs.
  • Slash fuel and transport costs while guaranteeing on-time deliveries with AI-based demand predictions, real-time ordering, load and route optimization, intelligent resource allocation, and streamlined third-party hauler integration.
  • Streamline the delivery process from dispatch to invoice and automate back-office tasks for effortless invoice matching with a unified dispatch approach.
  • Reduce environmental risk through advanced compliance workflows, notifications, activities, and release detection reporting.

“Titan Cloud can now deliver on the long-awaited promise of crystal-clear visibility across the entire fuel supply chain to optimize costs and deliver value,” says John Huettel, Chief Revenue Officer for Titan Cloud. “TRUEFILL’s expanded capabilities allows us to extend visibility beyond the retail store and offer a comprehensive view from the fuel terminal to the consumer.”

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