Interview with Pierluca Chiodelli, Vice President Engineering Technology, Dell Technologies

Pierluca Chiodelli, Vice President Engineering Technology, Dell Technologies explores the impact of edge on IoT applications and the scope of AI/ML in edge computing.

1. Tell us about your role at Dell Technologies. How much of your typical day is involved in innovating tech for your customers?

At Dell Technologies, I lead the product manager and customer operation teams within the Edge Computer Enterprise business unit. I spend most of my day to day on incubating and innovating solutions for our customers with the major focus on edge.

2. What are some of the unique lessons you have learnt from analysing and working in edge computing?

While there are great market opportunities for edge computing, its very fragmented as there is massive vendor proliferation and an absence of standardization.
More specifically, we are seeing security in manufacturing (from hardware up to the application layer) as a key area of focus and opportunity for growth within the industry, as well as enabling as-a-service models for the edge and app consolidation play.

3. How can app edge and cloud entanglement create a nurturing environment for app developers?

Apps developed in the cloud should be enabled at the edge. For example, an edge solution can connect transparently to the cloud while offering the same API and operating environment at the edge.  This will make the dev life seamless while being independent of locations.

4. How can the industrial sector monetize redefine monetization with data?

Processing data at the edge can offer real-time insight and automatic actions. By using platforms that run efficient AI and machine learning at the edge to process and analyze the data without needing to send it back to cloud, companies will be able to take advantage of more monetization opportunities by having immediate access to data insights. The surge of computer power at the edge, including the growth of GPUs and SmartNICs will make this more of a reality. 

5. What is the impact of edge on IoT applications in the retail sector?

The retail sector is innovating at a fast pace due to shopping habits changing during the pandemic. The industry has had to accelerate their rate of innovation. Everything related to retail is transforming – from the way we buy and order products, point-of-sale, guarantee occupancy limits, design pick-up areas to developing touchless customer experiences. New IoT apps are, and will continue to, play a pivotal part in this evolution.

6. AI is at an all-time high. What scope do you see for AI and ML in the edge computing arena?

AI is a fundamental necessity for enabling edge.
By quickly and efficiently processing data at the edge, AI and machine learning can develop immediate and actionable insights from data that will ultimately enable real-time action. For example, the use of AI can optimize training models for production lines.

7. What work-related hack do you follow to enjoy maximum productivity?

At Dell Technologies, we work in a very agile environment. In fact, we often like to test our new solutions within our own processes and organizations first to ensure they meet our expectation and vision. Additionally, we also have a great team of key experts from various disciplines and subject matter experts who can connect the dots on the verticals we are trying to address.

8. While researching we found that Dell’s stock is at an all-time high with a solid sales growth. What defining aspect of your products you think attributes to this phenomenal yet steady growth over time?

In the past year, our team rallied to support our customers and partners worldwide as technology played a central role in keeping our society and economy moving forward. With the broad reach our portfolio we have helped our customers adapt to the new work-and-learn-from-anywhere realities. This, combined with our flexible business model and the resiliency of our team, drove record financial results in the past fiscal year.

9. Where do you see cloud proliferation making its impact in 2021?

We see a sizeable growth of cloud stack being available at the edge, which we aim to support with our edge solutions. Our goal is to embrace the cloud and meet the customers where they are, regardless of their location.  

Pierluca Chiodelli

Vice President Engineering Technology, Dell Technologies

Pierluca Chiodelli is currently Vice President Engineering Technology & Edge Portfolio Product Manager and Customer Operations. Pierluca’s organization is responsible for Edge Enterprise Dell Technologies roadmap and vision and strategic technical partners engagement across Dell Technologies.

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