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Juji, Inc. Unveils Cognitive AI Assistants for Higher Education

New Generation of Chatbots Makes AI Accessible to Universities and Brings Human-Like Engagement to Students Without Requiring IT Resources

As universities grapple with how to bring greater efficiency to their operations sutch as the admissions process, and expand their workforce coming out of the pandemic, today, Juji Inc., an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that specializes in developing cutting-edge AI solutions, unveiled its cognitive AI assistants for the higher education market.

“It’s challenging for universities to keep pace with thousands of inquiries coming in from current and prospective students and alumni, particularly at a time when resources are tight,” said Dr. Michelle Zhou, CEO of Juji and an expert in human-centered AI. “Cognitive AI assistants are the new generation of chatbots that will empower universities and other organizations to respond to incoming inquiries 24×7 and personalize these responses whenever possible.”

Unlike other rudimentary chatbots being deployed at universities that often leave their users with a frustrated experience, Juji’s cognitive AI assistants engage users in a more human-like interaction by actively listening to the users and automatically inferring their unique needs and wants. Juji AI assistants are able to remember, learn, and solve problems, enabling them to act responsibly and empathetically—more deeply understand and better help users.

Juji also enables universities to set up and deploy custom Juji AI assistants within days with no coding or technical resources required. This recent University Business story informs how universities should evaluate chatbot solutions to maximize the chatbot ROI. A free consultation with Juji can be scheduled here.

Dr. Zhou continued, “We are thrilled to be making AI accessible to universities and education institutions. Cognitive AI assistants are empowering universities to quickly respond to questions while building personal relationships with their students and alumni, streamlining operations, and helping increase enrollment.”

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