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KLDiscovery announces Major Expansion of Capabilities in ReadySuite® 8

KLDiscovery’s multipurpose software for load files receives a significant upgrade, including enhanced support for collecting chat data from common messaging platforms and RSMF capabilities.

KLDiscovery Inc. (“KLDiscovery”), a leading global provider of technology solutions for eDiscovery, information governance, and data management, announces a major expansion of capabilities in ReadySuite® 8. The software is long known for streamlining the way legal technologists view, modify, and validate load files for legal document production. ReadySuite 8 expands the product’s reach, allowing users to quickly and defensibly collect and prepare messaging data for attorney review and production.

Key upgrades and features in ReadySuite 8 include:

  • Advanced Chat Connectors: Collect and convert data directly from chat sources to the RSMF 2.0, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Google Chat/Hangouts
  • Enhanced Viewing Tools: Quickly inspect and validate RSMF files in bulk
  • Scripting Engine Including Dynamic/Scripted Fields: Customize and fine-tune chat data for import and export
  • Chat and RSMF Export: Take advantage of official support for RSMF 2.0 and new export options including several slicing/chunking capabilities for RSMF files

“ReadySuite is a vital tool for eDiscovery technologists and we’re thrilled to introduce ReadySuite 8 to the market,” said Justin Blessing, Director of Engineering at KLDiscovery. “As part of this release, clients are empowered to utilize our built-in messaging collection and RSMF conversion tools to easily view, manage, and validate modern chat data for eDiscovery review and production workflows.”

“KLDiscovery is committed to driving innovation to help clients solve complex data challenges in an evolving digital and legal landscape,” said Chris Weiler, CEO of KLDiscovery. “That innovation extends to ReadySuite. With the key enhancements and new features available in ReadySuite 8, clients can now easily collect, convert, and validate their short message data from some of the most popular chat platforms in use today which will continue to drive widespread adoption of this indispensable software across the legal industry.”

Essential for law firms, service providers, consultants, and corporations, ReadySuite 8 is poised to set a new standard in managing document volumes, production sets, and eDiscovery workflows with cutting-edge features and an enhanced user experience. KLDiscovery’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement is evident in the substantial upgrades incorporated into this release.

To learn more about the features and enhancements available in this software release, visit the Compiled by KLDiscovery website. For information about ReadySuite and the benefits it offers eDiscovery practitioners, visit KLDiscovery’s website.

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