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Kobai announces partnership with Databricks

Kobai, the codeless knowledge graph platform, today announced a partnership with Databricks, the data and AI company and pioneer of the data lakehouse.

With the new partnership, joint customers can leverage the ease and insights of knowledge graphs with the scalability and power of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. Kobai’s Saturn platform is embedded directly in the data layer, allowing organizations to query data without moving it from the lakehouse, with W3C and Lakehouse open standards providing complete interoperability.

“Our partners are key to unleashing new industry use cases and driving more customer value from the Databricks Lakehouse Platform,” said Shiv Trisal, Global Manufacturing Industry Leader at Databricks. “We’re thrilled to partner with Kobai as part of our IoT data strategy. The direct integration with the Saturn knowledge graph platform makes it easier for companies to gain end-to-end visibility of their products, operations and customers,” says Shiv Trisal, Global Manufacturing Industry Leader at Databricks.

In the realm of manufacturing and enterprise operations, the utilization of semantic data has emerged as a transformative force, revolutionizing the way factories operate and businesses make decisions. Semantic data, which imparts meaning and context to information, plays a pivotal role in optimizing various aspects of the manufacturing process. By integrating semantic data into factory operations, enterprises can enhance their production efficiency, quality control, and predictive maintenance. This technology enables machines, sensors, and devices to communicate in a more intelligent and coherent manner, facilitating real-time monitoring and analysis of production lines. Furthermore, semantic data aids in the creation of interconnected systems that can adapt and self-optimize, leading to reduced downtime, increased productivity, and improved resource allocation. From supply chain management to product lifecycle tracking, the application of semantic data in manufacturing fosters a new era of agile, data-driven decision-making, empowering enterprises to stay competitive in an ever-evolving industrial landscape.

“By bringing lakehouse scale to graph architecture, Kobai empowers organizations to leverage knowledge graphs as a foundational piece of their semantic data layer,” said Parag Goradia, co-founder and CEO of Kobai. “Our mission is to enable business and technical users to easily answer their own questions, with their own terminology, without complex code. In partnership with Databricks, we’re helping users achieve the full value of their storage investments and address their most pressing data queries.”

Kobai’s codeless platform provides a business-first approach and collaborative environment to rapidly share insights across the entire organization, transforming the way enterprises capture and create their business logic with a whiteboard experience. The Saturn knowledge graph works directly with Kobai’s Studio framework and Tower visualization products to quickly infuse data with meaning and context, creating a semantic data fabric that grows over time.

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