Machine Learning announced the results of its second MLPerf submission achieves groundbreaking performance and power results with a 20 percent improvement since its first submission in April 2023, the machine learning company delivering solutions for the embedded edge, today announced the results of its second MLPerf submission, outperforming industry ML leader NVIDIA’s Orin NX and AGX Orin in the Closed Edge power category in the MLCommons® ML Perf 3.1 benchmark. participated in the MLPerf™ Inference 3.1 closed, edge, power division of this benchmarking process, focusing on the image classification benchmark ResNet50. Since the company’s prior submission in April 2023, achieved a 20 percent improvement in its results for Single Stream ResNet50 for performance and power[1], while exhibiting up to 85 percent greater ResNet50 MultiStream efficiency compared to NVIDIA[2]. With frames per second per watt as the de facto performance standard for edge AI and ML, these results demonstrate’s pushbutton approach drives continued leadership in unrivaled power efficiency that does not compromise performance.

“Outperforming the industry leader not only once, but again for a second time is great validation for our technology. Our team at will persistently pursue performance per watt leadership and new standards in ease of use for the embedded edge market as part of our core DNA,” said Krishna Rangasayee, CEO and founder, “We are proud of the team’s leadership in the latest MLPerf benchmark and excited to extend these latest improvements to our customers’ real-world needs and use cases.”’s purpose-built MLSoC and Palette software enable customers to effortlessly build, test, fine tune, and deploy a wide variety of highly optimized applications for embedded edge. SiMa’s hardware and software first set a new industry standard in embedded edge power efficiency in the MLPerf April 2023 submission, and the company was consistent in the technology used in this latest August 2023 round. was able to achieve a 20% improvement in performance / watt without any hardware changes through continuous performance improvement in their pushbutton tools. has a strong software roadmap that not only includes significant new features, but also further improvements in performance that will enable customers to future proof their production deployments.’s accomplishments in the MLPerf benchmarks showcase its consistent pursuit of innovation and growth. As the company advances its technology, it remains focused on delivering solutions that are cutting-edge, performant, sustainable, and efficient.

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