Lilt Launches Generative AI Multilingual Writing App

New Tool Enables Quick Generation and Finalization of On-brand, Locally Relevant Content 

Lilt, the leading AI solution for enterprise translation, today announced the launch of Lilt Create, a multilingual writing tool. Lilt Create enables regional teams to quickly and directly create brand-aligned, enterprise grade content in any language. The addition of this app makes the Lilt Contextual AI Platform the first and only existing platform to offer both multilingual content translation and creation.

Historically, businesses that operate in global markets have been forced to choose between creating source content in one hub, then translating to other languages, or decentralizing content creation. Centralization creates brand consistency, but slows down in-region teams. Decentralization usually causes content gaps as teams have competing priorities. 

“Enterprise organizations are routinely forced to trade off between speed and local relevance in their global content creation strategy” said Lilt CEO Spence Green. “Lilt Create offers our customers an additional tool to empower their regional teams and develop an optimized, fit-to-purpose global content creation strategy, eliminating that tradeoff.”

Accessible via the Lilt Platform, Lilt Create enables regional users to directly generate content in any language with the assistance of generative AI, then refine and finalize that content to ensure appropriate context by locale. The app offers users the ability to leverage multilingual data preferences verified through previous work with Lilt, such as historical translations, company brand styles guides, and glossaries and keywords.

Using each customer’s multilingual data as their large language model prompts, Lilt Create is able to generate higher-quality, brand-aligned content that reflects a company’s preferences, tone, and style while still allowing regional users to infuse local relevance and context. Lilt Create also provides a highly-intuitive interface that is easy for non-technical and non-specialized stakeholders to use, making it an easy addition to toolkits for regional teams including marketing, customer support, communications, and more.

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