LocatorX, Cloud Peritus to unlock value for Salesforce MedTech customers

Selected for Cloud Peritus’ MedTech360° accelerator to provide real-time visibility for assets

LocatorX, the trusted Supply Chain Intelligence Provider, today announced they have partnered with Cloud Peritus, a Salesforce System Integrator, to provide critical asset visibility for Cloud Peritus’ MedTech360° accelerator offering.

“MedTech360° is a comprehensive framework designed to streamline CRM optimization. By incorporating predefined epics, user stories, and best-in-class designs with our selective partner integrations, we can significantly speed up requirement gathering and workshop sessions,” commented Nao Lo, SVP & Principal Solution Architect at Cloud Peritus.

“LocatorX provides key functionality that enables MedTech companies to have real-time, 360-degree visibility of their assets. We selected LocatorX because they are much more than a tracking solution. They capture large amounts of data in addition to location that can be leveraged for multiple use cases to accelerate value for MedTech customers,” continued Lo.

Designed to sit natively within the Salesforce platform, LocatorX applies its patented Digital Fingerprint, a unique product identifier, to each asset to collect critical data in both active and passive states. This process ensures customers can be proactive and compliant through the device’s entire lifecycle. The Digital Fingerprint enables customers to have real-time visibility, optimize inventory management, eliminate lost inventory, reduce device downtime, and automate device recall management programs.

Scott Fletcher, Chief Commercial Officer at LocatorX, commented, “We are excited about this opportunity to partner with Cloud Peritus for their MedTech360° framework. Our ability to unlock insights, combined with Cloud Peritus’ ability to quickly build out industry-specific applications and processes on the Salesforce platform, provides a significant advantage for MedTech customers. Up to 20 percent of a hospital’s mobile assets are lost or stolen during their useful life. That hit to the bottom line could be millions of dollars. The ability to solve these challenges quickly is critical. We look forward to working together with Cloud Peritus to deliver focused solutions for Salesforce customers.”

LocatorX’s trusted Supply Chain Intelligence Platform harnesses the power of the data it collects through the unique Digital Fingerprint it assigns to each individual product and/or asset. By leveraging the extensive amount of intelligence collected, companies can proactively engage through the entire product lifecycle, supply chain, and beyond. LocatorX specializes in MedTech, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Defense. The LocatorX platform is a standalone solution or can be integrated with CRM, ERP, and WMS applications. It is also available to sit natively within Salesforce and available on AppExchange.

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