Locix Collabs with MITSUI-SOKO Supply Chain Solutions

Locix, a next-generation innovator in Warehouse Spatial Intelligence (WSI) solutions today announced that MITSUI-SOKO Supply Chain Solutions (MSCS), leading global distribution and logistics company, has successfully deployed Locix’s WSI solutions in multiple facilities in Japan and Malaysia. MSCS has leveraged Locix’s SmartLPS solution to increase productivity, efficiency and safety within their warehouse reducing worker walking distance by over 23% and increasing picking efficiency by 13%. Further, Locix and MSCS have committed to a strategic collaboration to accelerate the digital transformation of logistics and supply chain by promoting Locix’s WSI solutions as part of MSCS’s new supply chain digital transformation.

According to Gartner, the Supply Chain Management Software market is already valued at over $15B per year. With this, Locix is pioneering a new category in Supply Chain Management software, “Warehouse Spatial Intelligence,” to provide spatial visibility into real-world warehouse operations as either a standalone solution or through integration with existing Supply Chain Management Software solutions such as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

“SmartLPS gives us unprecedented visibility into our core operations, allowing us to baseline performance, drive continuous improvement and maximize productivity,” said Takeharu Haga, Senior Vice President, MITSUI-SOKO Supply Chain Solutions. “We recognize Locix’s WSI solutions as a critical component to the digital transformation of logistics and supply chains.”

“Our WSI solutions, SmartDock and SmartLPS, give customers near real-time, historical and actionable insights into their operations, enabling them to significantly boost productivity and reduce operating expenses,” said Vik Pavate, CEO of Locix.

After the success of the initial SmartLPS trial in their facility at Prologis Park Ichikawa 3, MSCS has now expanded the deployment area in that facility to include the entire two-floor operation (20,000 sq. m.), and they recently deployed SmartLPS in another facility in Bangi, Malaysia (20,000 sq. m.).

“Our collaboration with MSCS reinforces the value proposition behind Locix’s vision for a WSI-enabled supply chain,” said Pavate. “It is truly exciting to expand our joint initiative with them through this strategic agreement.”

Being focused on warehouse and dock operations, Locix’s WSI solutions support total warehouse productivity and efficiency: SmartLPS, enables complete and continuous visibility into employee productivity, safety, forklift utilization and inventory slotting, while SmartDock provides real-time dock status and utilization analysis, helping to reduce the dock’s position as the bottleneck of the warehouse while also lowering shipping and detention costs.

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