Logility Enhances (SaaS) Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform

Network optimization to minimize Scope 3 emissions, new supplier scorecards, and product traceability and compliance features, offer better risk avoidance and management.

Logility, Inc., a leader in prescriptive supply chain planning software, introduces new functionality to its cloud-based (SaaS) Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform, designed to elevate visibility into vendor and supplier relationships. New features are available for corporate responsibility, traceability, and vendor management software applications.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives are growing each year, as more companies begin to track the impact of their supply chain ecosystem. Ensuring vendors and suppliers also make a responsible impact is vital to company success.

By balancing sustainability with profitability, the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform provides software that helps clients become more sustainable and competitive. In addition to supporting vendor compliance and ongoing assessments, the Logility Platform tackles pressing environmental emissions metrics. Functions offered include environmental considerations in network design, recycling content in components and finished goods, and planning for returns in the circular economy. Logility’s software helps clients reduce waste through better shelf-life planning, component postponement strategies, and optimized transportation modes. The new release takes network optimization and vendor management solutions for ESG to the next level.

This release introduces the ability to optimize your network design for Scope 3 emissions, allowing you to create network design scenarios for total CO2 emissions. CO2 is now a metric that can be optimized, enabling you to design your supply chain network for sustainability. Additionally, a “Target Emissions” solver allows users to specify a target threshold for CO2 emissions. Network Optimization now fully leverages a graph database, improving speed and performance, with faster and more detailed reporting.

The latest release allows users of the cloud-based Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform increased visibility into vendor and supplier performance for corporate social responsibility. The new dashboards provide transparency of vendor compliance, product quality, product testing ratings, and year-over-year comparisons. Additionally, the dashboards showcase suppliers’ ratings and progression, allowing users to open corrective action plans by severity and monitor year-over-year trends.

Logility’s vendor management software includes improvements to supplier evaluation and change requests. The evaluation request process is streamlined to show and request information by supplier type and validate that certificates are uploaded as required. This visibility speeds up the supplier evaluation process for all parties and confirms all certificates are in place to continue supplier onboarding. With the supplier change request improvements, supplier approvers can see summarized changes more quickly and approve or reject those changes.

Reducing risk is a key objective of advances in Logility product compliance software. A new product tracking dashboard identifies purchase orders at risk. Sourcing teams can configure, send and receive alerts for missing and expired test requests while also following up with vendors to get products tested and certified prior to shipment.

The latest release helps Logility clients further reduce risk and enhances the delivery speed with visibility into suppliers classified as restricted entities through the CBP/Department of Commerce. After the client sourcing team uploads their supplier list, the new capabilities will identify the at-risk suppliers and related transactions. Users can then follow up on any at-risk purchase orders or shipments to deactivate restricted suppliers in their network.

“Enhancements to the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform allow us to continue delivering value tailored to each client through our Prescriptive DNA, a unique combination of our configurable platform, deep industry expertise and agile implementation,” says Allan Dow, president, Logility.

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