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Lucid Software Announces New Intelligent Capabilities

Lucid Software, the leader in visual collaboration software, today announced new intelligent product capabilities aimed at helping teams uplevel coordination and alignment. With effective teamwork being pivotal to organizational success, these enhancements streamline workflows to drive efficiency, innovation and desired outcomes.

“As teams continue to explore ways to strengthen hybrid collaboration and elevate their tech stack, our patent-backed intelligence platform empowers all users to see and build the future with confidence and efficiency,” said Dave Grow, CEO of Lucid Software. “These latest capabilities, focused on improving cross-collaboration, enable teams to align quicker and make decisions with confidence by creating comprehensive team experiences that seamlessly integrate with and improve their already existing workflows.”

The introduction of team hubs provides a one-stop shop for all team-related needs. Relevant projects, workflows and documents, along with team ownership and status updates, are easily accessible to ensure information is streamlined and everyone is aligned. For example, when teams start new cross-functional projects, they can add contributors to the team hub so they have access to the right documentation throughout the duration of the project. Users can also easily include additional team members in the middle of projects, automatically giving them access to all of the important information and updates they need to get up to speed.

“We recently completed a survey exploring the primary challenges encountered by employees in hybrid team settings. An overwhelming 75% of respondents identified ineffective communication and collaboration as the main obstacles to innovation, leading 41% of project teams to struggle with alignment,” said Dave Grow, CEO of Lucid Software. “Additionally, the data reveals that many are struggling to locate project resources, face confusion over task ownership, and lack a clear way to visualize project status and team members. It’s clear teams are striving for ways to improve working together, and team hubs will be a dynamic, centralized space for people to gather, strategize, align and make informed decisions faster.”

In addition to team hubs, Lucid announced AI-powered diagram generation in Lucidchart, with the ability to not only auto-generate diagrams but also then iterate on those diagrams through typing prompts. Furthermore, Lucid also announced impressive new functionality with Microsoft Copilot, giving users the ability to seamlessly retrieve Lucid documents, plus get an AI-generated summary of a document, saving time and streamlining workflows. More information on Lucid’s rollout of its AI-enhanced collaboration features can be found here.

Further solidifying Lucidchart’s dominance in the diagramming space, additional new features continue to streamline the diagramming process, allowing users to rapidly create complex diagrams through intuitive tools such as quick shape changes and automatic branching. Lucidchart also now includes quick shape banks and quick actions, which provide users with ready access to essential items like sticky notes and stickers, all integrated directly within the platform.

Whether teams are working together in real time or asynchronously, Lucid provides the most intelligent and comprehensive visual collaboration platform to support workers at every phase of a collaborative process. To learn more about Lucid’s latest capabilities, visit the latest Lately @ Lucid blog.

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