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Mattermost Launches New ServiceNow and GitLab Integrations

Mattermost delivers enhancements to support industry leading digital workflow and DevOps platforms, reduce risk and increase productivity across technical teams using industry leading digital workflow and DevOps platforms

Mattermost, the leading secure collaboration platform for technical teams, announced new workflow integrations with ServiceNow and GitLab. Mattermost’s enhanced offering improves productivity and reduces risk by enabling organizations to meet stringent security requirements, while offering technical teams the ability to connect seamlessly with industry leading digital workflow and DevOps platforms from ServiceNow and GitLab respectively. 

“As software environments become more complex, technical organizations risk burn out from incident escalations that are increasingly chaotic and scattered,” said Ian Tien, CEO and co-founder of Mattermost. “There’s an urgent need to organize and automate incident management by integrating collaboration, workflow management and DevOps platforms so teams can reduce errors, risk and employee exhaustion. We’re excited to announce enhanced Mattermost support for ServiceNow and GitLab to deliver these vital solutions.” 

Incident escalation workflows with ServiceNow and GitLab are built on Mattermost’s flexible, open source, secure collaboration platform offering team messaging, audio calling and screen share, process automation and project management, which can be self-hosted or consumed as a SaaS service.

With the new ServiceNow integration, technical workflows begin in observability platforms such as LightStep from ServiceNow, Splunk and Datadog, where automation and AI support analysts in identifying, verifying and escalating incidents by severity and type, and initiating the appropriate Mattermost Playbook. Playbooks offer shared checklists for escalations to run automated diagnostics and notifications, create special channels, loop in on-call staff, name an incident commander, and integrate with ServiceNow Incident Management to increase the speed and efficiency of service-level and incident awareness enterprise-wide. 

The new GitLab integration provides real-time visibility and coordination with DevOps actions, such as rolling back releases or patching and rolling forward fixes, in context with observability, incident communication, release management and problem solving workflows.

After issues are repaired, and root cause determined, Playbooks optionally execute retrospective surveys, leveraging channel history across teams and systems to identify learnings, improve response steps and add automation to accelerate efficiency and decrease the impact of future incidents. 

The latest releases of ServiceNow and GitLab integrations have been in beta since November 2022 and reached General Availability as of January 17, 2023. These integrations are available at the same time as the Mattermost 7.7 server release.

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