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Medacist Introduces RxAuditor Reconcile for Medication Observability

The next-generation platform provides reconciliation of medication activity supporting faster, more informed decision-making for patient safety

Medacist, the industry leader in drug diversion technology solutions, today introduced RxAuditor Reconcile, a new addition to the company’s extensive product portfolio, designed to provide users the capability to close the loop on the medication use process and quickly identify anomalous activity in real time. 

Built on the firm’s 24 years of industry-specific data, RxAuditor Reconcile supports RxAuditor Investigate to help healthcare professionals streamline and accelerate drug diversion investigations with actionable information. Powered by Medacist’s Genesis™ platform, the drug analytics solution leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide organizations with standardized, collaborative workflows for drug diversion activities.

“Medacist’s RxAuditor Reconcile delivers a simpler, faster, and more cost-effective solution for accountability in healthcare facilities,” said David J. Brzozowski Jr., CTO, Medacist. “The addition of this new product to our portfolio provides our customers with a powerful drug diversion detection solution that enhances medication observability by monitoring the entire drug chain of custody.”

The ongoing opioid crisis continues to boost the need for advanced analytical solutions as organizations have increased their vigilance in tracking dispensing patterns. To meet this need, RxAuditor Reconcile was designed to accommodate search capabilities consistently across all transaction types, including all care areas, all individuals, and all medications; to help protect healthcare facilities from legal, regulatory, and reputational risk. Unlike other standard industry solutions, drug diversion teams can use RxAuditor Reconcile to create a case from the transaction list for reconciled and non-reconciled transactions.

“At a time where health professionals are continuing to be deluged with more and more challenges in their workplaces, we are pleased to introduce RxAuditor Reconcile to the industry,” said David J. Brzozowski Sr., President & CEO, Medacist. “Medacist’s suite of analytics services continues to serve as an ally for healthcare workers by eliminating hours of manual audits with advanced algorithms. RxAuditor Reconcile saves time where it counts.”

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