MediMergent Collabs with AI Conversational Tech Co. & TalkBackTime

As COVID vaccine safety-related issues escalate, stakeholders implement digital strategies to communicate to leery consumers the risks/benefits of vaccination.

MediMergent– The Real-World Evidence Company, in collaboration with MedRespond, an AI-driven Conversational Technology company and TalkBackTime, a video-based consumer engagement company, launch My Vaccine Program (MVP), a fully-integrated, cloud-based platform that engages and educates consumers related to their COVID-19 vaccine experiences.

Sandra Garrett, CEO of MediMergent states: “The MVP engages directly with consumers and captures their attitudes and behaviors related to their health/disease and treatment, in order to improve outcomes. To address vaccine hesitancy, consumers need accurate information regarding the risks/benefits and how people “just like me”, with similar health profiles, react to the vaccine. The MVP builds a supportive community, especially for the medically underserved and ethnic and racial minorities.”

“Deploying a library of over 250 learning modules, we invite patients to open a dialogue with a virtual healthcare expert”, says Virginia Pribanic, CEO of MedRespond. “The platform anticipates questions using AI-based algorithms and delivers personalized, patient-centered responses. We explore vaccine hesitancy, validate patients’ concerns, and present a fact-based discussion supporting the patients’ decision making.”

TalkBackTime obtains consumer feedback on pre-defined issues like vaccine hesitancy, and produces candid videos which resonate with “people like me” through actual speech patterns, dialects, tone, mode and body language. “Our analytics profile responses by age, sex, race, ethnicity, location” says Allan Horlick, Managing Partner. “These videos add a qualitative dimension to the quantitative data we are collecting in the MVP”.

Consumers enroll in the My Vaccine Program and complete surveys, across eight weeks, about their vaccine experiences. They enroll in the program via an application to their administering pharmacy, vaccination center, or their employee health and wellness programs. MediMergent’s platform monitors post-vaccination safety surveillance, tracks potential side effects and produces de-identified data that can be reported to multiple stakeholders, including the consumers themselves. These multi-faceted engagements empower consumers with relevant data, within their own community, enabling them to move from hesitancy to vaccination.

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