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OccamzRazor announces closing of $6.1M financing round

OccamzRazor is on a mission to create the first curative treatments for complex brain-aging diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease. The company recently received approximately $6.1M in financing to launch their AI-enabled discovery pipeline and advance preclinical development in Parkinson’s. This round was led by Jeff Dean, one of the top AI researchers in modern machine learning today. Other investors include Lauder Partners, re.Mind Capital, and Valor Equity Partners.

“I’m excited to see the progress OccamzRazor has made thus far on integrating many disparate sources of data and applying machine learning towards the discovery of new candidates for fighting degenerative brain diseases,” says lead investor Jeff Dean.

A key accomplishment in using the OccamzRazor platform has been the discovery and initial validation of novel target genes for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease — a breakthrough finding accelerated by AI to months rather than years.

OccamzRazor was founded to help patients with brain-aging disorders where there is a lack of treatment options that halt or reverse the disease. Drug development in brain-aging has historically been driven by serendipity and has nearly a 100% failure rate. OccamzRazor is determined to change this. “We are currently in the middle of an exponential increase in biomedical datasets that can offer new perspectives on neurodegeneration. Hidden within this data are the insights needed to develop the right therapies for the right patient populations — the data just needs to be connected in the right way, with the right AI built to interpret it,” says CEO and co-founder, Katharina Sophia Volz.

By combining graph machine learning (RazorBrain™), graph prediction (RazorLink™), and natural language processing (RazorPanorama™), OccamzRazor generates testable, data-driven hypotheses that increase success rates and reduce costs in neurodegenerative drug development.

OccamzRazor has raised a total of $12M and has been supported by the Michael J Fox Foundation and the Synthetic Neurobiology Group at MIT. The company is headquartered at Johnson & Johnson’s innovation hub J-LABS in New York City.

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