Ocean Genomics Partners With Geninus For RNA-Based Biomarkers

Ocean Genomics (Pittsburgh, PA), a world leader in AI-based gene expression analysis and RNA biomarker development, and Geninus (Seoul, South Korea), a leading full-service genomics laboratory, announce a strategic partnership for the purpose of co-developing RNA-based biomarkers and advancing research and clinical applications with hospital, academic and biotechnology clients.

The two companies will launch in Korea Ocean Genomics’ advanced AI-based transcriptome analysis and biomarker platform ( as both a cloud-based and on-premises solution. Geninus will leverage the platform to expand its CancerSCAN clinical diagnostics platform for its hospital customers, and for biomarker discovery services with academic and biotechnology clients. Ocean Genomics and Geninus will also partner on the co-development of a series of RNA-informed multidimensional biomarkers for research and clinical use.

“We are excited to embark on this partnership with Geninus” said Carl Kingsford, co-founder and CEO, Ocean Genomics. “Ocean Genomics’ expertise in AI and computational method development, together with Geninus’ translational experts and access to data is a powerful combination. Working together, we can advance the field and enhance the uses of RNA biomarkers in clinical and research applications – and provide essential insights for clinicians who care for cancer patients.”

Dr. Woong Yang Park, CEO, Geninus, said, “Genome analysis for precision cancer medicine is becoming an essential process in hospitals. Gene expression analysis on tumor tissue RNA can deliver critical information for targeted therapy and immunotherapy. We expect to advance precision medicine by incorporating Ocean Genomics’ into Geninus’ clinical diagnostics platform, CancerSCAN. We look forward to working with Ocean Genomics in co-developing biomarkers and expanding services to our academic and biotechnology customers.”

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