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ADP® DataCloud Named “Data Analytics Innovation of the Year”

Powerful workforce analytics solution recognized for helping companies navigate dynamic business conditions

Recognized as a leading company in the data technology industry, ADP was selected as a winner in the 2021 Data Breakthrough Awards for its innovative workforce analytics solution, ADP® DataCloud. Named the Data Analytics Innovation of the Year, the solution earned acclaim by the independent market intelligence organization for its ability to harness data to solve some of the biggest challenges businesses face today.   

The mission of the Data Breakthrough Awards is to recognize the data technology innovators, leaders, and visionaries from around the world in a range of categories, including Data Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Storage and more. The competitive program attracted more than 1,450 nominations from around the globe this year.

“Businesses have traditionally struggled to identify trends within their people data, and ADP DataCloud represents a significant ‘breakthrough’ in this area that can result in significant savings and improved retention for organizations,” said James Johnson, managing director, Data Breakthrough. “ADP DataCloud addresses some of the biggest challenges that businesses face today, including shifting economic policy, employee retention and the pay equity gap. We are thrilled to award ADP DataCloud with our ‘Data Analytics Innovation of the Year’ award and we extend a hearty congratulations to the entire ADP team.”

“This past year has demanded that businesses become more agile, as they adapted to the implications of the global pandemic and its impact on the economy and their people,” said Jack Berkowitz, senior vice president of product development at ADP. “Businesses have the data they need to make informed decisions, but too often those insights are hidden beneath manual processes. ADP DataCloud uncovers those insights and embeds them directly within the flow of work to give businesses the transparency they need to thrive. From new features to target pay equity gaps and drive inclusion to predictive analytics-driven storyboards that analyze turnover rates, we’re constantly raising our aim to give businesses the edge they need.”

Using AI, ADP DataCloud analyzes aggregated, anonymized and timely HR and compensation data from more than 740,000 organizations across the country, allowing companies to benchmark and compare compensation data, turnover rate and overtime.  By leveraging the breadth and depth of “live” data in the broader market, the solution delivers actionable insights to the people who can act on them. To help navigate the new world of work, the solution offers capabilities including real-time insights pushed directly to leaders through the ADP Mobile Solutions app; story-driven recommendations on workforce patterns and trends; and Data Mashups that allow companies to pull financial and sales data directly into their HCM systems to reveal relationships.

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