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Omnicom unveiled Omni Assist

Reveal Marks the Launch of Omni 3.0, Powered by Generative AI

Omnicom (NYSE: OMC) today unveiled Omni Assist, the inaugural Generative AI capability enabled by a first-mover partnership with Microsoft. Omnicom is the first agency holding company to have enterprise access to the latest Open AI GPT models.

Omni Assist is a virtual assistant providing insights, notifications, and recommendations across every step of the workflow of the Omni open operating system, from audience development to planning, activation, measurement, and optimization. Expected to reduce discovery from days to minutes, and with the ability to enhance communications across agency and client teams, Omni Assist will accelerate the timeline from insights to client outcomes.

In addition to accelerating campaign time-to-market, Omni Assist delivers on the primary promise of Generative AI as outlined by Omnicom CEO John Wren: improving workflow in a way that enables Omnicom’s knowledge workers to be more productive – and its agencies to add more value – in the marketplace.

“We’re embracing Generative AI as quickly as possible to enhance the capabilities of our best and brightest people, and deliver better outcomes for our clients,” said Wren.  

Revealed during a Cannes Lions event celebrating Omni’s fifth anniversary, Omni Assist is part of launch of Omni 3.0, the next generation of Omni where every experience is powered by Generative AI.

Launching the Next Generation of AI Powered Innovation 

AI technology and techniques – including computer vision, language modeling and facial recognition – have been core to Omni’s capabilities since its launch in 2018 as the industry’s first people-based, precision marketing and insights platform, distinguished in the marketplace by its open architecture and dynamic federation of data partners.

Recognized by leading research and advisory company Forrester as the holding company platform with the deepest integration across its network, Omni launched its second generation in April 2021, with an enhanced user experience designed to expand access to more users across Omnicom agencies. Omni 2.0 also saw the launch of healthcare and PR verticals; data collaborations and/or integrations with Affinity, Amazon, Google, Infosum, LG,  Teads and Yahoo; clean room partnerships with AWS, Disney, NBCU and TelevisaUnivison; and retail media partnerships with Albertson’s Media Collective, Instacart,  Krogers and Walmart Connect.

With Omni 3.0, Omnicom has deployed Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to build its most powerful capabilities yet for its agency teams and clients, delivering benefits such as real-time conversational enablement for all Omni applications; automated audience intelligence that surfaces hard to identify audience behaviors; and performance intelligence that summarizes key trends and identifies drivers of performance with optimization recommendations.

“When we launched Omni in 2018, we described its mission as the democratization of data – a mission that we’ve met with more than 17,000 Omni trained and certified users across the holding company, and Omni integrations into agency-level planning processes across the network,” said Annalect CEO Slavi Samardzija. “With Omni 3.0 – powered by Omni Assist – we are going beyond the democratization of data, to the democratization of insights.”

“Most recently, I have had the privilege of working with Omnicom on their transformation efforts, leveraging Microsoft Azure Open AI to power Omni 3.0. We are at the heart of Omni Assist, a virtual assistant providing insights, notifications, and recommendations the Omni workflow, from audience development to planning, activation, measurement, and optimization. This platform is evolving quickly and is unique to anything I’ve seen in the industry,” commented Simon Crownshaw, Director of Media & Entertainment, Microsoft.

In addition to Omni Assist, Omni 3.0 launch capabilities will also include Omni Commerce, which was launched earlier today in Cannes. Omni Commerce, the industry’s first connected commerce orchestration solution, enables Omnicom to maximize brand awareness and increase the effectiveness of its clients’ retail media investments, driving product sales and profitability.

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