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Oracle Cloud for CIOs: Lead Your AI Vision to Reality

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A complete cloud to build, automate, and scale

CIOs are empowered to lead change, improve business processes, reinforce competitive advantages, and harness the growing data from across their ecosystem to better inform decision-making.

Embracing the latest AI and cloud technologies can deliver deep insights, accelerate innovation, enhance transparency, reduce costs, and provide the ability to combat cyberthreats without sacrificing quality or compliance with changing regulations.

Five challenges CIOs can tackle now

Seize the moment. Excitement about AI means that CIOs have a rare opportunity to deliver substantial ROI while realizing an inspiring technology vision. By spearheading AI adoption and creating an AI center of excellence, CIOs can provide cutting-edge capabilities that delight customers, engage partners, and energize employees.

AI-driven automation and other cloud services free up time and budget for initiatives in areas such as data management, application modernization, security, and governance. Embracing AI doesn’t mean starting from scratch. Extend existing investments and skills using familiar open source and Oracle data, analytics, and AI solutions to deliver quick wins, minimize risk, and reduce costs.

However, with opportunities come significant challenges, which CIOs must address.

1. IT innovation moves too slowly

When faced with supporting business growth, the last thing CIOs want is for IT to be viewed as too bureaucratic to move fast. If your teams are maintaining legacy systems, resourceful business leaders eager to adopt AI will act alone to create applications and data platforms that are incompatible with IT priorities and policies.

How can CIOs partner with line-of-business peers by providing resources and expertise to start and scale new projects efficiently and securely?

2. Data is fragmented and expanding exponentially

As the business demands personalized customer experiences, accurate cash forecasting, and efficient recruiting, CIOs need to manage hundreds of internal and external data sources—with more added daily—to provide consolidated, accurate, and timely data that delivers trusted predictive analytics to nontechnical business users.

How can CIOs establish a unified data management strategy across a distributed architecture of applications and infrastructure in both public clouds and on-premises data centers?


of time managing data is spent on searching, preparing, and protecting it

3. Skills gaps in tech and engineering

Nearly every company faces skills and headcount challenges, especially those in higher-skill
technology and engineering fields. Enable business growth and talent development by using better
tools to help automate repetitive and low-value tasks and leveraging existing skills and open source
communities to free up time so employees can focus on more-creative and fulfilling work.

How can IT create a highly engaged and productive workforce?

4. Security breaches are diverse and risk is growing

AI cybersecurity attacks from internal and external actors continue unabated. No matter where sensitive data resides, preventing threats on a massive scale consumes resources that could be better allocated to innovation. Plus, AI implementation that involves external partners or third-party solutions brings additional risks, such as the inadvertent sharing of IP assets or lapses in data security.

How can CIOs use AI and automated security to help safeguard cloud infrastructure, data, and apps and fight AI attacks?

5. Corporate and ESG compliance is complex and evolving

CIOs wield significant influence over their organization’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and financial reporting compliance. Challenges for a sustainable business include tracking third-party providers’ performance, optimizing the use of energy-efficient cloud resources, reducing time-consuming manual processes, and analyzing data across global supply chains.

How can CIOs address data regulations across their organization’s jurisdictions?


of large companies report ROI on their data and AI investments

Drive success with advanced AI technology

Oracle’s integrated suite of AI services and applications gives CIOs the power to bring innovations to market faster and make their organizations more responsive. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers choice, performance and security at the same low price in all cloud regions and complete cloud services for any workload worldwide, across clouds, or in your data center.


of organizations have
adopted multicloud

Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications span 18 industries and every area of the business, they include Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Customer Experience (CX), Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SCM), and more. Deploy one capability at a time or several at once from a single integrated suite with a common data model to quickly meet business needs and easily tap into new capabilities as requirements change.

Fuel growth with data and AI

Put your data to productive use with OCI, a modern, hyperscale cloud. Build apps and experiences by integrating prebuilt AI services, using existing skills, and leveraging investments in Oracle data platforms for more control and faster innovation.

Speed time to value and lower risk by taking advantage of user-friendly AI models and analytics where the data resides on OCI to uncover patterns and predictions that were previously difficult to identify in large data sets.

Innovate, reduce risk, and develop intelligent apps with your choice of open source tools, such as Java, the #1 programming language for cloud native development, and MySQL, the world’s most popular open source database. In addition, we have a strong commitment to the open source community and directly support Hadoop, Kubernetes, Linux, Python, and more.

“We needed a cloud provider that will help us maximize
innovation while reducing our overall infrastructure
costs. Oracle provides an ideal combination of price,
performance, flexibility, and security.”

Dara Khosrowshahi
CEO, Uber

Build IT that’s ready for anything

Leverage your data on OCI to innovate and drive business outcomes

• Integrate your data sources to improve data quality and access in a modern data platform that’s open and modular.

• Enrich data with easy-to-use AI services with prebuilt models for developers, data scientists, and business users.

• Eliminate complex administration for any size organization with AI embedded in the industry’s only autonomous database.

• Simplify lakehouse architecture with MySQL HeatWave, which combines transactional and analytical data processing with built-in ML for performance querying of object storage.

• Shorten analytics workflows with integrated data preparation and visualization for greater IT efficiency and self-service.

• Deploy in a distributed cloud to help meet data residency, sovereignty, and connectivity requirements and regulations.

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reduction in application
development efforts

Build innovative applications with AI faster and for less on OCI

• Create and train robust ML models, including generative AI, with supercomputing performance and scalability.

• Build a supercluster with up to 32,768 GPUs on a high performance, low-latency network that can run large language models.

• Develop cloud native apps with open source tools such as Java, Kubernetes, Postgres, and Python for fast time to value.

• Rapidly build new apps on open source MySQL platforms or in low-code APEX on Oracle platforms with minimal assistance.

• Break down silos across back-office, industry-specific, and custom applications with a complete cloud platform.

Exit your data center to innovate and reduce costs with OCI

• Move a workload to the cloud to lower capital and operational costs with less infrastructure while gaining more control.

• Modernize legacy Oracle or non-Oracle workloads for more automation and capabilities that allow you to get to market faster and meet demand fluctuations and help improve profitability.

• Virtualize capacity with flexible and affordable compute services, including bare metal instances, VMs, containers, and serverless.

• Safeguard data and mitigate risks via security services for privacy, encryption, and cyberthreat protection.

• Enable and expand authorized data access and sharing along with analytics using streamlined business processes to foster collaboration and synergies.

• Address your regulatory and sustainability goals with more than 70 global and industry compliance programs.

Modernize your IT estate with Oracle’s distributed cloud for more control, faster innovation, and a familiar UX

• A single control plane provides a unified end-to-end experience across your Oracle Cloud ecosystem.

Public cloud consists of more than 44 regions in 23 countries and offers a consistent set of more than 100 cloud services, with consistent, low service pricing worldwide.

Multicloud solutions let you combine OCI services with other vendors’ clouds to optimize cost, functionality, and performance.

Hybrid cloud offerings, such as Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer and Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer, provide a highly optimized and managed database in your data center.

• Gain full-stack visibility and management for hybrid and multicloud environments with continuous monitoring and anomaly detection.

Dedicated cloud solutions provide Oracle public cloud services in a self-contained, independent cloud region in your data center.


cost savings and 50% less energy
use with a hybrid cloud

Develop and run innovative solutions on OCI while reducing your environmental impact

• OCI is committed to building a clean cloud and providing technologies to enable a sustainable future.

• OCI manages and maintains a very dense computing environment, attaining much higher utilization rates than an organization can achieve with an on-premises system.


of OCI data centers in
Europe are powered by
renewable energy


of OCI global energy
usage was renewable
in 2021


of retired hardware we
recycled and reused

Our goal is to achieve


renewable energy use
in all our OCI data
centers by 2025

What success looks like for CIOs

• Achieve a cohesive architecture and a flexible distributed cloud strategy to build and modernize any workload and run any application faster and more securely for less while complying with regional data regulations.

Accelerate AI adoption by creating intelligent apps that leverage familiar open source and industry-standard tools to improve productivity.

• Improve transparency and decision-making by seamlessly incorporating prebuilt AI into workflows and day-to-day analytics.

• Monetize data with a unified platform that collects, curates, and manages all data, analytics, and assets.

• Enhance security and reduce risk by applying adaptive, prescriptive, and integrated tools.

• Meet environmental sustainability goals with clean tech and help fulfill local and regional compliance regulations.

Why Oracle is the right partner for you

• Oracle offers a complete end-to-end platform for AI with advanced built-in security, best-in-class data management, and a comprehensive portfolio of cloud apps to address any business problem.

• Automatically secure, tune, and scale your apps with autonomous services.

• Get superior price-performance.

• Easily migrate critical enterprise workloads to the cloud.

• Get everything you need to build cloud native apps.

• Benefit from the most support for hybrid cloud strategies.

Take the next step to move your AI vision forward

CIOs have the opportunity to lead the charge across their organization to drive successful business outcomes. Oracle brings expertise, experience, and technology to help you navigate this transformative landscape. Let’s talk.

*Reproduced with permission from Oracle.

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