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Top 5 Technology Tools to Help You Better Manage Your Home Care Business

Hannah Liberman
Hannah Liberman, Data Specialist at Sensi.AI gives us an overview of top technologies that can help in revolutionizing the home care business. The end of...
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Top 11 Uses of Residential IPs

Tech-savvy companies and individuals can reap numerous benefits by utilizing residential IP address hopping. While businesses can attain access to more varied data by accessing...
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Should Your Business be Using AI?

Wilson Pang
You would frequently try to wrap your head around the importance of the inclusion of AI in your business. Read more to know what to...
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For growing game developers, the key to success is understanding what it looks like

Brent Dance
Brent Dance from Google talks about the importance of having a keen eye for yielding the right leverage for game developers. In the gaming world,...
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4 Reasons Why AI Is Essential to Your 2021 Cybersecurity Program

Stephan Jou
Stephan Jou, CTO of Interset, a Micro Focus company, shares four reasons why the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology is vital to...
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Why do you need to secure the email gateway?

Oren Eytan
Email has become the lifeblood of global communication. Regardless of age or gender, nationality or economic status, anyone can access an email account and begin to engage with the...
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Why we need more gender diversity in the tech industry

How tech companies could benefit from employing more women Diversity is a need, but can it also turn out to be an advantage? This Women’s...
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Security Starts At Home

Craig Cooper
Cybersecurity is a problem impacting many aspects of our lives, including cyber-attacks within our home’s environment. Read more to know how to foster security at...