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Improving Machine Learning: How Knowledge Graphs Bring Deeper Meaning to Data

Evren Sirin
Evren Sirin talks about the emerging trends of Data Management focusing on viable solutions for business. He focuses on data considering business presence in the...
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The Human-AI Relationship Relies on Trust

Craig Vachon
G. Craig Vachon talks about AI application in various arenas of human life cycle. He emphasizes on the limits of AI considering its experiences gained...
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6 Benefits of Hardware-Based Microsegmentation In Cybersecurity

Matias Katz
Microsegmantation is acquiring center stage in today’s digital world. Matias Katz from Byos talks about the benefits of hardware-based microsegmentation In cybersecurity When it comes...
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Security Checklist for SMEs on Protecting Network Infrastructure and IP Resources

Andrius Madeliauskas
Heficed continuously invest in refining their security measures and bare-metal upgrades, relieving their clients of infrastructure maintenance duties so they can focus on their business....
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AI: A Driving Force for New Enterprise IT Infrastructure Requirements

James Coomer
James Coomer from DDN throws light on the current IT & Data Infrastructure Requirements and why AI will a crucial differentiator for redefining the same....
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Collective Will Mastering your cognitive domain – Part 2

David Shrier
In Part 2 of the 3 series David Shrier takes us through the value of persistence in developing Cognitive AI capabilities & the future of...