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PCRS Network LLC introduces “Feasibility PRO™” Powered by OpenAI

PCRS Network LLC, a leader in clinical research solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Feasibility PRO™, a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize clinical trial protocol development, site feasibility, and patient recruitment. By leveraging the latest in OpenAI technology, Feasibility PRO™ significantly streamlines the clinical research process.

Feasibility PRO™ allows clinical research sites, referring physicians, and medical facilities to quickly identify potential trial participants by efficiently matching patients with the inclusion and exclusion criteria and any other protocol or patient criteria in less than 5 minutes; user consensus is less than 2 minutes! Its versatile, system-agnostic architecture ensures seamless operation without the need for integration, making it accessible to a broad range of users.

The platform empowers sponsors and CROs to design protocols that are more enrollable and to identify the most suitable clinical research sites using transparent, de-identified patient data. Feasibility PRO™ is designed to be user-friendly, enabling users without technical or clinical research backgrounds to perform secure queries, safeguarding patient identifiable information. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence, it processes medical records databases, automatically generating de-identified output that enhances the feasibility process’s accuracy and transparency. Modify your protocol details “on the fly” and test the change against a patient database in seconds!

Gary Fiocco, CEO of PCRS Network LLC, states, “Feasibility PRO™ supports our mission to Save and Improve Lives by Accelerating Clinical Research. By integrating OpenAI’s innovative technology with our expertise, we address key industry challenges, particularly in improving the efficiency of patient recruitment.”

Patient recruitment is a critical challenge in clinical trials, with many failing to meet enrollment targets, causing delays and increased costs. Furthermore, the need for trials to include a diverse participant pool is more pressing than ever. Feasibility PRO™ directly addresses these challenges, leveraging digital technology to improve trial processes and reach a wider, more diverse patient population, ensuring more inclusive and effective trials.

PCRS Network LLC continues to lead in driving innovation in clinical research, enhancing the experiences of researchers, participants, and the broader healthcare community.

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