Intapp announces vertical AI capabilities

Release of Intapp Assist and “Intelligence Applied” philosophy underscore commitment to revolutionizing how industry engages with AI securely

Intapp (NASDAQ: INTA), a leading global provider of AI-powered solutions for professionals in advisory, legal, and capital markets firms, today announced the availability of new capabilities and branding in support of its continued mission to arm professionals with AI-powered software. The company’s new “Intelligence Applied” philosophy and branding reflect its dedication to applying AI into the specialized workflows of professionals within the accounting, consulting, investment banking, legal, private capital, and real assets industries.

“Intapp is applying the promise of generative AI to create solutions that professionals use every day,” said John Hall, CEO of Intapp. “Intelligence Applied reflects our team’s mission to study and understand the highly specialized nature of our clients’ professional workflows and obligations, and to develop applied AI solutions that unlock the potential of the generative AI era for professionals and their firms.”

Intapp’s Intelligence Applied philosophy aligns with forthcoming survey results, which found that accounting, consulting, financial, and legal professionals have high expectations for their firms when it comes to technology. They believe technology will not only enhance their work performance and career progression, but also––in the case of AI––save them a significant amount of time. Respondents estimate that nearly 40% of their work is composed of manual tasks that could be automated, including entering data, summarizing meeting notes, generating standard documents, and conducting research. Yet fewer than half of respondents report having used AI technology at work.

“Intapp’s approach to applying AI goes beyond merely adopting new technologies. We are redefining its application to help professionals spend more time applying their expertise and developing relationships, and less time on manual tasks,” said Thad Jampol, Chief Product Officer of Intapp. “Intapp’s AI capabilities harness the transformative power of the technology while giving our clients confidence that they are meeting their regulatory and ethical obligations.”

Today marks a company milestone as Intapp unveils new advanced AI capabilities designed to sharpen the competitive edge of professionals, foster smarter business practices, and enhance decision-making.

Announcing Intapp Assist for DealCloud

Intapp also announced general availability of Intapp Assist for DealCloud, which brings generative AI to the daily work of professionals so they can focus on strategic work instead of manual tasks. It helps analyze data quickly and accurately, enabling teams to make more informed decisions based on real-time insights, market trends, and existing firm knowledge. As the AI makes work easier for professionals, it also enriches firms’ stores of knowledge and intelligence. 

The package includes four key generative AI features and capabilities:

  • Relationship signals, an AI-driven intelligence feed, provides actionable reminders and insights to help professionals better manage their networks. These nudges help dealmakers create personalized, meaningful outreach and spend their business development time more effectively.
  • Detailed summarization autogenerates concise summaries of unstructured data — such as meeting transcripts — into an editable, user-friendly format. These summaries help professionals quickly consume key information while increasing firmwide knowledge capture and sharing.
  • Narrative generation helps users generate description and commentary content throughout DealCloud. This capability saves users time and improves broader knowledge capture and data quality firmwide.
  • Contextual email outreach creates compelling email content informed by a firm’s history with a contact, relationship intelligence, and relevant news. Through smarter outreach and marketing, busy professionals can quickly and effectively engage with their target audiences.

Announcing Intapp Data

Intapp also launched Intapp Data, an Intapp-sourced firmographic data set of more than 85 million companies and 200 million contacts — now available for all Intapp DealCloud clients. Intapp Data makes it easy for professionals to learn about the people and companies in their markets and to expand their networks and originate new opportunities. 

Additionally, Intapp Data improves connectivity with critical third-party data from Intapp’s robust partner ecosystem. Intapp Data  makes it easier for firms to augment their internal intelligence with the rich data from Intapp’s partner ecosystem of data and content providers.

Intapp to acquire AI software company delphai

Intapp is dedicated to building the data foundation that will help firms get the most out of next-generation AI. Intapp’s plan to acquire AI software company delphai is another step in that direction. Delphai’s technology applies AI across public data, creating structured, attributable firmographic data. Its technology already enables some of the world’s largest firms to find better target companies, faster. Additionally, the talented team at delphai will join Intapp, bringing their expertise to further Intapp’s data and AI strategies and expand its partner ecosystem.

Trusted AI for a highly regulated industry

Intapp’s core industries –– accounting, consulting, investment banking, legal, private capital, and real assets –– all maintain highly confidential data and are required to adhere to complex rules and regulations. In these highly regulated industries, professionals and the technology they use — including AI — must maintain compliance with data privacy, security, and confidentiality obligations. Intapp brings its heritage of supporting these complex obligations to the AI era.

Microsoft Copilot is one of the highest-profile advancements in generative AI to date. It has the power to unlock the vast knowledge that sits trapped in millions of unstructured documents and other content. However, firms need assurance that the information AI finds and surfaces to each professional is not leaving them vulnerable to reputational, ethical, or regulatory risk.

Intapp has long helped firms take control of their sensitive information using Intapp Walls, which enables an automated approach to limiting access to data across applications. Now, Intapp is bringing AI compliance into the generative era with Intapp Walls for Copilot.

Intapp Walls for Copilot gives firms visibility and control over the data that Microsoft Copilot is authorized to access and surface. Intapp Walls for Copilot identifies the data sources Microsoft Copilot is connected to and provides a layer of control over what it should and should not surface for each user based on their authorizations. It processes complex overlapping rules and translates firm policies into native security controls for each system that may contain sensitive information.

“It has always been our vision that industry specialists like Intapp will provide vertical-specific solutions leveraging our powerful technology for the needs of complex industries,” said Donald Kossman, Vice President, Copilot at Microsoft. “Intapp Walls for Copilot is an exciting development that helps capital markets, legal, and advisory firms both leverage the generative AI power of Microsoft Copilot and further preserve the deep trust with their clients.”

AI-powered Activator transformation for business development

Today, Intapp is also announcing an AI-powered joint solution for driving business-development improvements in partnership with DCMi, building on The Rainmaker Genome Project. The Activator experience combines the innovative technology of Intapp’s AI-powered DealCloud Platform with the power of DCMi’s research-based Activator Development System. Using tailored information, alerts, and content generation, firms can fundamentally shift their business development approach and encourage the most successful BD behaviors — called the Activator approach — among their professionals.

The Activator experience provides a dynamic view of current pipeline and business development tasks, origination fees by practice area, progress against billable fee goals, and other relevant information pertaining to clients. It then uses AI-powered signals, alerts, and support to help professionals incorporate Activator behaviors as they manage their books of business and engage clients. The Activator experience will help professionals be more intentional in their business development activities — letting them focus their time on applying firm and market intelligence to add value to their clients’ business, and building stronger relationships with clients and prospects. 

That’s Intapp. That’s Intelligence Applied.

In addition to new formative AI capabilities, Intapp is also revealing its new brand identity. With a new logo, website, and positioning, Intapp’s brand now reflects the company’s continuing focus on AI and commitment to innovation for the professional sector.

Intapp is redefining its brand with a new positioning of “Intelligence Applied.” The company will integrate Intelligence Applied into every facet of its operations, including its overarching mission: to equip professionals with cutting-edge, compliant AI tools. 

“This brand evolution emphasizes our dedication to provide leadership to our clients and our market in this AI era,” said Scott Fitzgerald, CMO at Intapp. “It signals our commitment to the intelligent application of AI to unlock the expertise within professional firms to capture opportunity.”

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