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Quantiphi and Lambda partner to accelerate AI innovation

Quantiphi, a leading AI-first digital engineering company and Lambda, the GPU cloud and AI infrastructure company founded by deep learning engineers, have partnered to provide tailored AI solutions to enterprise customers and digital AI natives across multiple industries.

The synergy between Quantiphi’s AI capabilities and Lambda’s high-speed computing infrastructure lies at the heart of this collaboration. The partnership equips enterprises with the essential tools and resources to accelerate cross-industry AI-driven innovation in spaces like banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), retail, E-Commerce, healthcare and life sciences (HCLS), the public sector, telecommunications, media and entertainment and gaming.

The demand for training Large Language Models (LLMs) has skyrocketed as AI interest continues to surge. Quantiphi, known for developing cutting-edge generative AI solutions, and Lambda are addressing this growing need. Lambda’s GPU cluster, purpose-built for deep learning, provides the ideal platform for customers to train and deploy AI workloads efficiently.

“One of the distinguishing features of this collaboration is Quantiphi’s creation of unique SKUs, designed to streamline and optimize the AI product development lifecycle,” Quantiphi Global Practice Lead – NVIDIA AI Siddharth Kotwal said. “These SKUs provide customers with a hassle-free and cost-effective way to train their LLM models on Lambda’s cloud infrastructure– which can be up to three times more cost-effective for customers.”

“At Lambda, we’re thrilled to partner with Quantiphi to deliver cutting-edge ML/AI solutions to enterprises across industries,” Lambda’s VP of Sales Robert Brooks IV said. “This collaboration bridges the gap between Quantiphi’s AI prowess and Lambda’s high-performance GPU cloud, unlocking new possibilities for AI-driven innovation. With the demand for Large Language Models soaring, our enterprise-grade  GPU cloud offers a powerful platform to efficiently train and deploy AI workloads. Together, we’re shaping the future of AI.”

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