Quantum Integration’s Solutions Brings IoT to Novices, Experts

Quantum Integration’s newly launched IoT platform is the ideal solution for electronics hobbyists looking for an alternative to Arduino or Raspberry systems, requiring significantly less time to build sophisticated projects and zero coding knowledge.

“If you use Arduino, you will love the Quantum IoT platform because we designed it from the ground up to give electronic enthusiasts the power and flexibility to create integrated wireless projects, without having to be a professional engineer,” said Michael Barnick, CEO and Co-founder of Quantum Integration. “With Quantum you can really harness the full power of making and taking your projects to the next level.” 

Projects that once required significant coding knowledge on Arduino and Raspberry platforms can be completed in a fraction of the time via Quantum’s UI-driven, drag-and-drop app builder that allows anyone, regardless of programming background, to create their application quickly.

Wireless hardware and an intuitive user interface enable users to build their network of connected electronic devices — as simple or as elaborate as they desire. Projects no longer have to go unfinished due to complex coding, time constraints, trial-and-error, or any other of the multiple pain points when it comes to hobby electronics.

Quantum designed the platform with the goal of lowering the barrier of entry, making it possible for novice users to experience the full potential of IoT. Even with limited experience in hobby electronics, anyone can build projects with an entirely new level of sophistication.

Networked devices can span multiple rooms, can be easily expanded upon, and incorporate several different technologies including temperature sensors, door contacts, servos, I/O expanders, and countless more. From custom security systems to miniature robotics, the potential to create is infinite with Quantum.

Once built, custom apps, firmware, and projects can be easily shared to be tested, enjoyed, and built upon among others in the Quantum community.

Quantum’s Kickstarter campaign has exceeded 80% in backing within days of launching and continues to gain the support of followers. 

For more information, visit Quantum Integration at and watch tutorials and project demo videos on their YouTube channel to see how easy it is to use the Builder Base and Server together.

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