Reliability in AI is concerning, but has a solution

With the surge of AI and products being pushed at us from every angle, it’s important that we champion a product that pioneers reliability between the user and the application before social consciousness moves towards a permanent mistrust against AI. That served as the driving force behind the creation of

“Technology needs to come from a place of trust, or the rift between the tech-averse and those who embrace it would widen. Leaving behind those who fear it would be a failure by those of us who have the resources and accessibility to access such innovations” said Harry Yates, CEO and founder of

Yates’s idea was realised in the recently launched, “BuildPrompt”, an AI-powered file explorer, which allows users to upload their documents, before the AI model is trained on the documents. The software capabilities were manufactured in 2022 collaboratively between Yates and leading AI institutions, being further developed by a team of global specialists with a combined 20+ year experience in data science, machine learning and NLP.

The user can then ask any questions they may have about their uploads in a chat-based style, always giving page and paragraph references from the source of documents. As users communicate directly with their own documents, there’s no worry about outside intervention or AI hallucination reassuring users of the reliability of their documents, which are referred to as “sources”.

“Tech proficiency shouldn’t be a gatekeeper to AI’s advantages”.

BuildPrompt is also adamant about ensuring that AI is accessible to people in all industries and not just those who are experts in the field, having partnered with companies from industries such as construction, motorsport and education to aviation, facilities management and legal during their BETA phase.

The use cases are applicable to a wide variety of businesses, from those in the construction industry, who have a huge amount of complex regulatory documents to students who have thousands of pages of documentation they need summarised.

With page and paragraph references included in every response the app generates, the company’s goal is to increase user confidence by enabling users to securely cross-check and validate the accuracy of their sources. As a result, when extracting information from BuildPrompt, the user or organisation can talk with total confidence, with the ability to share their responses with unlimited users.

It’s likely that countless more products will be launched into the AI space, all offering unique solutions. As long as we keep pioneering products that push for the collaboration of AI with transparency at the forefront, we can lessen the likelihood of social mistrust.

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